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Equipped for growth: Allied Equipment Sales

Allied Equipment Sales draws on more than four decades of expertise to supply reliable used earthmoving equipment to Australian construction, mining, and quarrying businesses. EEM catches up with Director Mitchell Smith to learn more.

Whatever the industry, and whatever the product, purchasing used equipment might seem like a risky proposition to some. Without an original manufacturer’s warranty or expert customer support, what initially seems like a bargain could end up being a costly mistake, right? Not necessarily.

According to Mitchell Smith, Director of Allied Equipment Sales, his business’ core focus is to take the mystery, uncertainty, and risk out of buying used earthmoving equipment.

“Allied supplies and sources very late model to near-new earthmoving and mining equipment through a few very trusted long-term suppliers,” he says. “We’ve had some of these relationships in place for over 40 years, so the quality of equipment that we bring in is well known in the market.

“These trusted relationships enable us to back our equipment with our own warranty where a lot of used independent dealers wouldn’t. That’s not something that we’re required to do, but it gives our customers a level of comfort that you wouldn’t otherwise get when buying used equipment.”

Mitchell says Allied Equipment Sales focuses on a handful of trusted brands, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, John Deere, and Volvo.

“Our biggest movers are Cat wheel loaders from 966s through to 988Ks, Cat dozers – D8s through to D10s, as well as motor graders, skid steers, and telehandlers,” he says.

“We like to carry quite a broad range – it’s about being able to have a variety of options for our customers.”

Allied Equipment Sales Director Mitchell Smith.
Allied Equipment Sales Director Mitchell Smith.

Family foundations

Drawing from a combined 100+ years of industry experience, Allied Equipment Sales has become a trusted name in used equipment – at first in its hometown of Perth, and now increasingly across the country.

“My father’s had control of the business since 1990,” Mitchell says. “And I joined the company myself in 2014 after working in the field as a diesel fitter for 10 years.”

Working his way up from operations to sales in another part of the business, Mitchell then shifted to retail sales with Allied Equipment Sales. From here, he grew with the business, moving into international purchasing, and eventually the role of Director.

Mitchell has continued to help facilitate the growth and reach of the business, from WA to the east coast, and beyond.

“The east coast has continued to be a large growth region for us,” he says. “We’ve seen our Penrith branch grow to the point where it’s now making up well over a third of our total revenue in sales.

“We’re now looking to continue expanding in NSW to enable us to provide the kind of service offering that we do in Perth. We’re investing into our property there with workshop facilities so we can provide customised spec build-ups, equipment repairs, and reconditioning.”

This side of Allied Equipment Sales’ operation has previously only been available to customers at its Perth branch. But Mitchell says with so many of the business’ blue-chip clients operating nationally, customers have come to expect the same level and availability of service from coast to coast.

“Growing our NSW facility is a big focus for us right now,” he says. “We’ve recently appointed a very talented young man out of the industry to assist managing this location, and he’ll be tasked with helping us grow that service segment on the east coast as well.”

Allied Equipment Sales is expanding its Penrith branch to strengthen its presence on the east coast.

All about the people

Mitchell attributes Allied Equipment Sales’ steady growth to its people-first approach, combined with its strong family business roots.

“Our business is built on people and their relationships with suppliers and clients,” he says. “So, we want to bring in the right people who are willing and keen to grow with the business, and be mentored by some of our senior staff – some of whom have been in the industry for more than 40 years.

“We want to help people grow their careers, while also providing that flexibility that a family business can. Here, they’ve got trusted relationships with the senior people in the business, as well as the board.”

Additionally, Mitchell says having senior staff sitting in on board meetings helps ensure everyone has a deeper understanding of the business, where it can improve, and where the next potential growth areas are.

“We try to understand everyone’s perspective, because people all have different views and different ideas,” he says. “And if you’re going to employ people and not listen to them – you’re asking for trouble, really.

“Our approach has always been to give our people a sense of ownership over what they do – and that’s been paying dividends for us.”

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