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Companies like Rainbow Group have made hiring a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution.

There’s a lot of equipment on the market but it’s not always practical or cost effective to buy your own.

With a history extending more than 30 years, Rainbow Group Pty Ltd have built a reputation offering innovation and quality civil engineering and environmental services across Australia.

Rainbow Group specialise in complex civil construction and environmental remediation projects, and they own and operate a large fleet of modern earthmoving equipment and a range of hydraulic attachments.

“We regularly update our equipment to meet the demands of various job requirements, as well as to cater for excavations of a variety of sizes, or to acquire a specialised tool for a complex one-off demolition job we rather hire than buy,” says Tony Di Mattia of Rainbow Group.

“For example, we have a range of Rammer rock breakers but they might all be allocated, or the ones available are not the right size for the carrier on a job site. Efficient and safe operation is paramount to our company, and we always ensure we have an attachment to match exact requirements of the job, and it is within the lifting capacity of our carrier. If we don’t have one we hire it,” explains Di Mattia.

“When we need an attachment for the short-term, a specialised demolition tool or a Diamond Rock Saw, we contact GroundTec Equipment that offer quality hydraulic attachments, and have knowledgeable and friendly staff that provide the most reliable advice and exceptional service,” says Di Mattia.

“With a fleet of over 60 units in total, including PneuVibe compaction plates, SIMEX twinheader rock grinders, a variety of rockbreakers, demolition tools and rock saws we can cater for all rockbreaking and demolition attachment needs,” says Wolfgang Reinhard at GroundTec.

“All our equipment are high-quality, well-known brands that you can rely on for strength, durability and flexibility. We hire out equipment on a daily or long-term basis and based on the customers’ requirements we will provide practical, workable solutions that are cost-effective and suitable for their needs. Some jobs require multiple pieces of equipment for different carriers and we ensure the attachments are fitted with a matching or adjustable head bracket and delivered to the site within a timeframe requested.

“Our GTS diamond rock saws that can be used in rock excavations, concrete cutting and demolition applications often surprise our first-time customers, and after hiring it for a few days they want to buy it. Unlike many rockbreaking and demolition tools it produces no noise, no vibration and in the end you’ll have a beautifully finished product that looks like polished rock,” explains Reinhard.

Located in Strathfield South, NSW, GroundTec Equipment offer a full range of hydraulic attachments and specialty products for demanding rockbreaking and demolition applications as well as a comprehensive product range for equipment rentals.

“We also work very closely with the local companies that offer mining and civil earthmoving equipment for hire as our product offerings complement each other.

Customers get all the hire equipment fitted and delivered at the same time without the need of talking to many suppliers.

“Hire option provides the customers with flexibility as it allows them to try the equipment first before committing to buy it.

“Customers can hire any equipment for a week and if they then decide to buy it we will reimburse the hire cost. This allows our customers to try before they buy and be confident they have the right tool for the job,” adds Wolfgang.

SIMEX attachments and PneuVibe compactor plates are also available via independent network of the following dealers:

• VIC/Tas: Walkers Hammers

• Qld: QLD Rock Breakers

• SA/NT: Renex Equipment

• WA: Total Rockbreaking Solutions

[colored_box color=”yellow”]To see the range of equipment available for purchase or hire, visit GroundTec stand, C4 at the Diesel, Dirt and Turf Expo 2017.[/colored_box]

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