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Enzed’s Parker Quality Advantage


When we think of the term ‘quality’ in our daily lives from a product perspective, we have to weigh up the value we place on quality as part of our purchasing process. Many consumers forego quality in non-essential items with low importance to their lives, however on the other hand there has been a ground swell of consumers moving back the other way, with a new appreciation for quality in a world where ‘quality’ seems continually eroded.

In the industrialised world, hydraulics is a backbone behind so many of the mechanical machines that touch our lives. The way we interact with the world around us every day can be connected to the impact of hydraulics.

Modern hydraulics are relied upon to elicit productivity and profitability from multi-national companies all the way down to owner operator businesses. Downtime for machinery and equipment as a result of hydraulic failure for any business or company is something that must be minimised. Many livelihoods depend on hydraulic reliability.

With something of such critical importance, quality should never be compromised.

The old saying ‘do it once, do it properly’ has never rung more true than for the hydraulic industry.

When it comes to quality, this is where Australia’s leading hydraulic hose and fitting service, ENZED has a distinct advantage.

It is the Parker Hannifin advantage.

Parker Hannifin are the global leader in motion control and fluid technologies. Parker Hannifin’s experience and expertise have helped result in the extremely high quality range of Hose, Connectors, Fittings, Tubing, Instrumentation and other products and technologies that lead the industry.

By offering Parker products, the best in the market, ENZED can supply the quality and wide range that customers expect, whilst also offering ENZED the ability to work with Parker on large projects and tailored solutions for customers throughout Australia.

Ultimately, customers understand that quality matters. Knowing ENZED is backed by Parker, combined with ENZED’s team of expert HOSE DOCTORs that offer 24 hour, 365 day on site service across Australia, ENZED provides peace of mind to thousands of business, companies and machinery operators around Australia.

From the forests to the mines, the farms to the roads, ENZED, the Total Hose and Fitting Service, is your one-stop hydraulic service.

Think hydraulics, think ENZED.


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