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Enter the Vortex: CM Labs

CM Labs Subject Matter Expert and SIM Guide Gary James.

Australian Earth Training’s Scott Lidster shares what he learned about Canadian training simulator business CM Labs, and its Vortex range at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

Well, CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 rolled around back in March, and I was fortunate enough to have attended North America’s largest construction trade show. And what a show it was!

While the EEM team was swanning about CONEXPO’s VIP circuit, I was out and about getting amongst the punters and exhibitors checking out all the latest and greatest on offer to the industry.

One company that I’ve been watching for a little while is CM Labs out of Montreal, Canada. They’ve been designing and developing training simulators for more than two decades. In that time, they’ve positioned themselves as the leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction and ports industries.

The Vortex Advantage is designed to provide the most immersive simulator training available.

The centrepiece of their award-winning simulators is their Vortex Studio. Developed by in-house PhD physicists, engineers, and mathematicians, Vortex Studio is the industry’s leading platform for building and deploying real-time, interactive simulations of mechanisms, heavy equipment, and vehicles.

They’re bringing three simulator solutions to the market – Vortex Edge Plus, Vortex Edge Max, and their mac daddy offering the Vortex Advantage.

A quick break down on each offering:

Vortex Edge Plus: Designed for maximum portability and simple set up, the desktop Vortex Edge Plus makes it easy and affordable for organisations to run CM Labs’ full catalogue of construction and forestry equipment training modules anytime, anywhere.

Vortex Edge Max: Training for operator skill development makes it simple for organisations to leverage the latest in innovative technology. Easy to transport and set up, they are ideal for organisations looking to explore simulation for the first time.

Vortex Advantage: Designed to provide the most immersive simulator training available today. The Vortex Advantage is a full-immersion training simulator that develops transferable operator skills. It’s designed for extended training, including mastering advanced skills. With OEM hot-swappable controls sets and pedals, and options for different screen configurations, the Vortex Advantage delivers high-quality training and flexibility.

I’d arranged to catch up with Gary James, CM Labs Subject Matter Expert and SIM Guide to talk a little deeper about their products. Gary’s background positions himself well to wax lyrical about CM’s simulators.

The Florida native started in the earthmoving game young at 17 years of age as a labourer. After three years of hard work and dedication, Gary got his break landing a position on an ADT. From there he picked up further skills, eventually becoming a foreman with the same outfit.

In later years, Gary and his family found themselves in Colorado, which was where he was introduced to simulators. Here, he landed a job with Next Gen Equipment Training, where he was able to pass on years of industry knowledge and experience.

When it comes to simulators and knowledge sharing, Gary’s one of the most passionate people you are ever likely to meet.

I asked Gary what he loves most about CM Labs offerings.

“Their dedication to realism puts them ahead of the pack,” he said. “I also like how we can teach anyone anywhere our craft without disrupting the day to day running of a project by not having to pull the equipment out of the field.”

So, there you go, if you’re in the market for a world-class simulator, CM Labs have got you covered!

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