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Engineering versatility: the Tilt Control 4-in-1 Bucket

Norm Engineering’s Tilt Control 4-in-1 Bucket

Norm Engineering’s Tilt Control 4-in-1 Bucket offers a versatile solution for the construction, agricultural, and roads industries.

Since 1984, Norm Engineering has designed and built earthmoving attachments for tractors, mini loaders, skid steers, track loaders, excavators, backhoes, and telehandlers. As an Australian manufacturer, Norm Engineering understands the tough Aussie environment and have built buckets to withstand its harsh conditions. The year 2022 was big for Norm Engineering, celebrating 38 years of Moving The Earth For You!

Most may think Norm Pesch started Norm Engineering, but it was Norm’s father-in-law, Wally Acimovic, who began the business bearing his son-in-law’s name when Norm was in the Royal Australian Air Force. Norm, at the time, oversaw the engineering support section for the Black Hawk helicopters of RAAF No.9 Squadron. However Wally, former owner and founder of Roswal Trailers, clearly had a premonition that one day Norm would want to leave his job and work for him. Luckily for Wally, that gamble paid off. Like most of the greatest success stories, it started from very humble beginnings. Wally constructed the company’s inaugural bucket after being unhappy with the bucket that was on the front of his own skid steer. After going past a few tries, he made the perfect one, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Norm Engineering’s Tilt Control 4-in-1 Bucket
Norm Engineering is proud to be a 100 per cent Australian family-owned business, manufacturing Aussie products that are built to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

Norm Engineering has the reliability you can build your business around. Norm Buckets are proven to be one of the most durable and reliable Earthmoving attachments in Australia. Thousands of earthmoving contractors Australia-wide rely on Norm Engineering attachments. This is because Norm Engineering sets the new benchmark in the earthmoving attachment industry, with stronger materials, engineered for a longer life and enhanced reliability.

Backed by over 30 years’ experience, it is not surprising that the Norm Tilt Control 4-in-1 Bucket remains Australia’s first choice in the earthmoving bucket range. The Norm Engineering Tilt Control utilises industry leading 4-in-1 bucket design with a tilting rear pickup. The low maintenance and high strength design of the tilt control system coupled with a simple 12-volt solenoid operation puts this 4-in-1 light years ahead of the pack, giving the operator full radial control of the cutting angle.

This unique design means it is possible to continuously vary the cutting edge relative to the inclination of the loaders’ front wheels, particularly when working on an incline while trying to perform a straight cut.

The 4-in-1 bucket has optional extras to suit individual needs, these extras include teeth and 3 x replaceable bolt-on edges to extend the life of the bucket. This versatile attachment is controlled from within the cab.

  •  The bucket can scoop and carry sand, gravel, small rocks, and debris
  •  The serrated edges allow a strong grip when clamping logs, small rocks, and debris
  •  The middle bolt-on edge allows back blading, the gravel then accumulates in the bucket ready to be dumped
  •  The dozer blade levels.

This attachment is ideally suited for clearing, levelling, scooping, carrying dirt and debris, therefore making this the perfect attachment for construction, industrial and agricultural work, roads, sidewalks and car parks. Norm Engineering has thought of everything, including the tiedown points on either side of the 4-in-1 buckets, ensuring you can transport this attachment safely.

Taking care of every fine detail, Norm Engineering has an extra option to customise your load guard with your company name etc. – just another one of those personal touches that make Norm Engineering attachments stand out from the crowd.

Norm Engineering’s goal is to manufacture quality buckets that are reliable, strong, and built to last. Over the past 38 years, Norm Engineering has established strong and long-lasting relationships with many of our customers, if you’re serious about increasing your machine’s capabilities, contact us on 07 3376 3177 or visit www.normeng.com.au to see the full range of Australian hand-built attachments.

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