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Engcon tiltrotators: The future is here


Engage with innovation as Engcon showcases the third generation tiltrotators – designed for those who seek lower fuel consumption, reduced energy consumption and minimised service costs.

Engcon Australia’s tiltrotator continues to turn heads, reflecting the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reaching its full potential in the world of construction.

Using cutting-edge technology that focuses on the end customer, the third generation tiltrotator system is one of a kind, with an innovative design that allows for the lowering of operational costs and energy consumption.

Engcon Country Manager in Australia and New Zealand, Paul Brown, said while Engcon was a Swedish-based company, there was a strong presence in Australia which continues to grow.

“In the Nordic countries 95 per cent of the excavators have tiltrotators on them. In Australia we are at about 2 per cent, but we are growing rapidly and we are struggling to keep up,” he said.

“We can see the benefits of what will happen with these products in the next five to 10 years in Australia.”

A tiltrotator is an excavator’s flexible wrist, performing multiple tasks in a shorter time frame. It allows excavator drivers to reach areas without having to move the machine.

While tiltrotators can excavate at any angle and in any direction, Engcon versions go one step further, enabling the attachment to rotate 360 degrees on its axis and allows for a tilt to 45 degrees in both directions.

Engcon has eight different tiltrotators that can be applied to a range of excavators based on weight range.

The Engcon tiltrotator promotes a ‘five benefits’ value system that makes it stand out from the rest of the competition: profitability, safety, flexibility, comfort and environment.


The tiltrotator increases the efficiency of work by up to 25 per cent as the need for manpower is reduced and the precision and accuracy of the manoeuvres makes you waste less material.

• Safety

With its high manoeuvrability and low space requirements, the tiltrotator reduces the need for manual work like shovelling and raking.

“The use of EC-Oil allows the operator to stay in the comfort of the cab while switching between tools. 61 per cent of Tiltrotator owners perceive safety as the main benefit of the product,” Paul said.

Engcon promotes an efficient and safe workplace which is a high priority for industry decision makers.

• Flexibility

The tiltrotator has transformed the traditional excavator into a tool carrier with its ease of rotation regardless of the machine’s position.

• Comfort

Paul said the comfort of the tiltorator was a key factor in its popularity.

“It allows the driver to change tools from the comfort of the cab, allowing a safe working environment,” he said.

• Environment

The tiltrotator reduces fuel consumption, and therefore benefits the sustainable environmental goals.

“Over 113,000kg of CO2 emission could be saved through using the tiltrotator over the excavator’s seven-year life span,” Paul said.


Paul said the big advantage of the company’s tools is its effect on the labour force and the decrease in people on work sites.

“There are many companies struggling to find staff. The tiltrotator does the job of two to three people as you don’t need somebody standing in a pit or spotting,” he said.

“The functionality of the system means you don’t need to move to Point A to Point B to do jobs. The tiltrotator’s manoeuvrability allows the machinery to get into areas without moving to get the job done.”

Paul said that while the popularity of the tiltrotator is growing in Australia, the earthmoving equipment market was still developing.

“The main sector at the moment is in rail, but we are heavily growing into the civil infrastructure sector,” he said. “As the earthmoving equipment industry has expanded, Engcon has been there to fill in the gaps.

“The biggest change in the industry has been the evolution of machinery, as well as the need for new attachments.

“Engcon is ahead of the curve in the earthmoving equipment industry, as the GPS systems develop alongside the attachment systems as well.”

Engcon is always looking for ways to improve, and the third generation tiltrotator is an example of the innovative and adaptive response to an evolving earthmoving industry environment.

“In my time in the earthmoving industry, the biggest change I have noticed is the evolution in the tiltage of excavators. The evolution of products within the sector is always growing and evolving. Our products at Engcon have helped facilitate the growth and efficiency of new machinery in the industry,” he said.


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