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Engcon Heads Down Under!

Engcon has established a local office in Australia to support its continued market penetration and early success with sales of tiltrotators and EC-Oil quick couplers.

Located in Western Sydney, the new Engcon facilities include technical sales support staff, administration office, warehouse, parts and service. It will also feature a demonstration area where customers may be trained in the use of Engcon tiltrotators, EC-Oil couplers and Engcon digital control systems.

Engcon estimates that between 2 and 3 per cent of the world’s excavators use a tiltrotator, a device that acts as a wrist for the excavator, significantly enhancing an excavator’s ability for more efficient and more precise excavations.

Continued Growth

The company’s expansion into the Pacific region is a result of continued growth and a commitment to introducing tiltrotator and EC-Oil technology worldwide.

Managing the Australian office is Per-Oskar Svedberg who has extensive Engcon experience in the Swedish and North American tiltrotator markets.

“Our Australian office will be a driving force in expanding the market through close customer contact, product training and support. By the end of 2020, we plan to have three people at this location,” said Per-Oskar.

“Having our own operations in Australia provides an outstanding opportunity to increase sales through showcasing our products in our own premises; at construction sites and in agricultural applications.

“Today’s tiltrotator is driven by innovative hydraulics and electrics, meaning the bucket is driven by more than just hydraulics. Operators need more training and time to become fully productive in using the system. Having technical training facilities in Australia is a necessary step on the road to communicating with our market.”

Product Training Is Critical

 “Product training is very important and this is why we need to have our own facilities in all our major markets. It means we can provide the necessary advanced product knowledge to ensure our customers gain the best advantage from these highly productive, versatile and safe tools,” said Per-Oskar.

 “Tiltrotator systems are not well known in Australia, therefore demonstrations are an important way of spreading the message.

Our experience in other successful markets has shown that Engcon products are easy to sell, because once a customer has tried the system, the benefits become immediately obvious.

“We are also planning to have a demonstration excavator, which will be used to explain and show the whole range of Engcon products. This will enable customers to fully experience the system and understand how efficiency gains will boost their revenue.

“Australians are well known as early adopters of new technologies and have shown a willingness to explore products and equipment that will make their life easier and more profitable.”

While Australia is the world’s sixth largest country by area, its population is just 25 million. Despite its relatively small population, Australia has proven to be a fertile market for tiltrotators, with 75 units being sold to date through an active and highly committed distributor network.

Considering its distance from Europe, the sales volume achieved so far in Australia is significant, being almost twice that of tilt rotator sales in Germany.

Engcon notes that the tiltrotator is a well-established excavator tool throughout Scandinavia, with its use on the increase in Europe.

Typically, the use of tiltrotators has been slower in countries further from Sweden, however the fact that Australia has accepted the technology so rapidly is a strong indication of the sales potential of Engcon products throughout the rest of the world.

The location of Engcon’s Sydney office is Engcon warehouse and service centre.

Despite its relatively small population, Australia has proven to be a fertile market for tiltrotators with an active and highly committed distributor network.

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