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The right coupler can do wonders for the operator.

It’s fair to say that the development of quick couplers has revolutionised the way attachments are used on construction sites.

Quick couplers essentially transform an excavator into a versatile tool carrier. The ability to change attachments in seconds ensures contractors are able to get through more work onsite each day. By investing in a quick coupler the operator can quickly pick up the right tool, making him both time and fuel efficient during his daily operation.

While couplers are by their very nature incredibly versatile, it’s not always the case that one coupler is suitable for all applications. Attachments manufacturers like Miller have explored different designs, and their latest PowerLatch Tilt is a testament to this. Miller has integrated their unique approach to attachment design as well as the features that their loyal global customers have come to love with the PowerLatch to provide added performance without compromising on strength, weight or versatility.

The new PowerLatch Tilt, which will be on show on stand 79 at this year’s DDT, delivers up to 180° rotation and features a new innovative cast shell that draws on Miller’s premium design heritage to offer increased strength capable of withstanding the most challenging working environments.

Having worked with leading OEMs for more than 25 years, Miller is no stranger to stringent testing and evaluation of its products especially when dealing with quick coupler safety. The simple and elegant design of how the PowerLatch Tilt locks both front and back pins independently on all Miller hitches ensures that it is fully compliant to all global legislation, including AS4772 and ISO 13031. Safety is built into the core of every product it makes.

To take onsite safety to the next level, ‘Miller Mate’, another safety innovation produced by Miller, works exclusively with the PowerLatch quick hitch coupler. Miller Mate is a replacement for the toggle switch and has a digital interface to guide you through the attachment changeover process. It eliminates accidental release and reduces the risk of operator error through inadequate training.

Miller Australia has an established network of distributors to supply, install and service its products across the entire country.

It may seem small, but a coupler can have a big impact on efficiency on site. Of course, coupler technology can only move as quickly as that of the machines they are attached to, but as machines become more efficient and greener in response to site regulation changes, Miller’s philosophy is to ensure customers have the most advanced attachment products in the market.

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