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Kinshofer Australia’s crane and excavator grab attachments are among the most trusted around the globe.

Kinshofer is a world leader in the manufacturing of attachments for truck mounted cranes and excavators. Built to exacting German standards, the company is well known in Australia and around the world to be ahead of competition for performance, safety, engineering and above all low cost of ongoing ownership. Kinshofer is a one-stop shop covering all industries and applications with Australia’s largest portfolio of attachments from demolition, waste, rail, and scrap.



The MQP Multi-Quick Processor is the flexible solution for your demolition site.

Thanks to the integrated DemaLink jaw exchange system, the jaws can be changed in less than 10 minutes and the application thus switched without any problem. The processor is suitable for primary and secondary demolition.

Concrete can be crushed and steel reinforcements and structures cut. There are six jaw options available: Combi-, demolition-, pulveriser-, steel-, and tank- and universal-jaws.

The patented Dema Power cylinder is the second main feature of the MQP, providing up to 20 per cent more power and reducing the cycle times to under five seconds.



The NOX-Tiltrotator by Kinshofer is one of the most advanced tools for excavators: a 360° endless rotation and tilting angles of up to 2×55° make it a universal joint. This cylinder-less solution features a very compact design with a narrow width and without any protruding parts.

The flexible tool only requires low maintenance as there are only two greasing points, fewer wear parts, and the hydraulics are integrated into the solid cast housing. The entire installation can easily be realised.

The patented tilting function is provided by the elliptic piston design with only one thread. Due to the closed system, the risks of damages are reduced.


Features the cylinder-less HPX drive. Thanks to the drive system, the movement and closing force of the shells is constant and synchronised, generated by two hollow shafts, which run opposed and have a helix thread, hydraulically driven by a single piston.

There a no hydraulic cylinders required anymore. A longer life cycle of up to 50 per cent and the integrated selflubrication as the drive unit in a permanent oil bath are also featured by the HPX drive.

Different types of available shells that can easily be refitted onto the unit make it versatile as well.


The KINSHOFER DRS mobile shear series with 360° rotation has been engineered to achieve an optimal power-to-weight ratio.

This robust tool can be used for a wide variety of jobs including concrete and steel construction demolition, scrap yards, and conditioning of industrial mixed scrap. The powerful cylinder with speed valve is positioned fully protected in the housing, which is made of extremely resistant special steel.

The heavy duty bearings result in a reduced bushing wear without tolerance. The optimal power-to-weight ratio as well as the offset angles of the two cutting blades provide a huge cutting force. A largely designed opening of the robust mouth is ideal for scrap.


The KM 932MB barrier lifter is a mechanical grapple for the fast and convenient handling of concrete barriers and blocks. The carbide gripping pads ensure a safe operation, even on wet or coated surfaces.

The fully integrated, mechanically operated “latch & release” system (functions automatically each time the load line is slackened) allows the unit to function independently, without assistance from a ground personnel.

Multi-position arms are a standard feature, meaning that one unit can achieve different gripping ranges by simply changing a pin position. The elimination of slings and chains means that more cycles can be achieved per hour.



The technically unique KM 332 brick stack grapple with hydraulic parallel squeeze is a versatile tool for pelletised and non-pelletised materials – available with rigid or adjustable (V) plunge depth.

The KM 333 is the reinforced type, also as rigid or adjustable (V) version. Both versions are versatile tools with synchronised arms that feature safety of work, and ease-of-use, and a long service life. The compression rails are equipped with durable and replaceable rubber inserts.

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