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DT Infrastructure joins ACA



Australia’s largest construction companies are working together to make the industry more sustainable with the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) welcoming another member, DT Infrastructure.

DT Infrastructure is part of the Gamuda Group of Companies following the acquisition of Downer EDI’s Australian transport projects business.

ACA CEO Jon Davies said the national construction group was delighted to see the return of familiar faces to ACA committees and advisory groups, previously associated with Downer EDI.

“Being an ACA member signifies a shared commitment to creating a sustainable construction industry that is a great place to work,” he said.

“DT Infrastructure is actively helping support our efforts in developing practical solutions for government and industry implementation, leading to a more efficient and progressive industry.”

DT Infrastructure CEO Darren Crichton said that joining the ACA reflects their aspiration to contribute to positive change.

“The opportunity for a more progressive and sustainable industry is in reach and we are excited to be working together with peers to achieve this,” he said.

“We’re not just improving the industry for current workers but also safeguarding its future.”

Emillie Sweeper, Head of Legal and Governance at DT Infrastructure, joins Crichton on the ACA Board, effective immediately.

The Australian Constructors Association is the only representative body for contractors delivering vertical and horizontal construction projects, as well as undertaking infrastructure asset management.

Its members construct and service the majority of major infrastructure projects built in Australia every year, with the goal  to create a more sustainable construction industry.


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