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Force Hydraulics

Force Hydraulics proprietor Simon Borg writes about his company with Sebastian Moylan, the industry it operates in, and what makes them a unique hydraulics business.

A TAFE teacher encouraged me to pursue hydraulics as they just clicked with me. I did my time at Kirby Engineering and fell into hydraulics as Kirby built machines from scratch. At first I bought just a small truck with Enzed and had a few small customers.

As my customers grew I had to grow with them; over the past 18 years I’ve worked my way up to having a fully staffed workshop and several fitters working with me, when I first purchased the Enzed Penrith Franchise and found that 80 per cent of our work was hydraulics and the industry lacked specialised knowledge in this field. So that we could offer our customers a more all-round and in-depth service, we expanded our hydraulics division and started Force hydraulics.

Over the years we have had every earth moving business in Australia walk through our doors either for a quick-fix or a long-term solution. In recent years the highest demand we have received has been setting up attachments, new installations and commissioning, as well as ongoing repairs.

We find customer demand is high at the moment, with all the infrastructure being built. There are a lot of one-man shows that can’t offer back up or specialised one-on-one service catered to the customer’s needs.

Then [you get] bigger companies when the customer is just another cylinder in the queue.

We are different as we offer an all-round diverse service, and we never say no.

No matter the problem we will work out the solution. Being a one-stop shop, we can acquire and supply everything the industry needs. We have a record for fast turnaround times as we understand the pressure of breakdowns, as time is money in the industries that we serve. If the machine is down, the customer is on a deadline, therefore we are on a deadline to get that machine back up and running.


Force Hydraulics

Hydraulic businesses don’t always have the right experience and so expertise; some don’t even understand the different types of hydraulic oils. Customers have come to us to repair stuff-ups that cost the customer time and money. We offer an all-round service so we can control all aspects of the repair from new set-ups to ongoing maintenance and repairs when things, inevitably, go wrong. Our team has the training and experience to ensure the job is done right the first time.

With such a broad customer base in all types of industries there’s nothing we haven’t seen and nothing we cannot fix. The biggest problem we see in our industry is the lack of experience, our team is coached and trained in our state-of-the art workshop facility, and their work is continuously monitored for quality and precise workmanship.

Our customers know we only use quality parts that we trust. We don’t want to use product that will only give us and our customers problems down the track.

Preventative maintenance is key to a long fleet life, it may seem costly to change something that is only showing signs of wear and not actually broken but when it brakes you’ll need it the most.

We believe our customers trust our work due to the working relationship we have maintained. Our customers are loyal to us because they know we will do everything we can to help them out. Never having a problem that is too large for us to tackle is a big bonus in the market. We often get customers that have big issues that need solving, and we’re always ready to go.


Force Hydraulics


• Pumps, valves, accumulators

• Field service / onsite diagnostics

• PTO units

• Fast turnaround on cylinder repairs

• Hydraulic & Pneumatic seals

• Hydraulic flow and pressure testing

• All brands supported

• Engineer, manufacture and commission power packs

• Specialist in earthmoving attachment set up


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