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Dieci’s Agri Plus 40.7 telehandler is one of the most innovative machines in its sector.

Extremely easy to handle, surgical precision movements, maximum power in the wheels and boom and absolute comfort; these are just a few reasons why the Agri Plus 40.7 Telehandler is the most innovative machine in its sector.

The Agri Plus 40.7 comes with two transmissions to choose from; the ‘Vario System Evo 2’, which enables you to choose between four work modes, allowing you to find the best speed/power ratio under any operating condition, and the ‘Power Shift Option’, which gives you the option of either a manual or automatic gearbox with six gears forward and three in reverse, along with an inching pedal to ensure maximum power at all operating levels. Unparalleled manoeuvrability with the use of the hydrostatic transmission, combined with the right work mode, will enable easy precise manoeuvres and an improved stacking performance.

The four-in-one joystick, which is standard on all models, enables integral control of the vehicle. The high efficiency steering system transmits a ‘light’ driving sensation enabling a tight turning radius, which is the narrowest in its category.



The ingenious oscillation system is purposely designed to increase the operation angle, which is particularly important when unloading the bucket with the boom raised. It also comes with an optional pneumatic suspension system on the boom, which gives a dramatic reduction in the vibrations felt when driving on irregular and uneven surfaces.

Equipped with the largest door on the market, it enables easier and safer access for the operator, while the inside of the cab has been designed specifically with the operator in mind; soundproofing, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, electric windows, storage compartments, along with air conditioning, stereo and an ergonomic seat, are just a few of the standard features of the cab.

All Dieci machines are fitted with a load limiting device that analyses the data of the stability of the machine, and should the pre-set limited be reached, it automatically stops all of the compromising movements.

The joystick also comes with a capacitive dead man sensor and seat sensor that prevent accidental manoeuvres.

Dieci, with more than half a century of experience and continuous development, has a perfect machine for every need.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]For more information on the Agri Plus 40.7, or anything else in the extensive Dieci product line, visit us at stands 5, 6 & 7 at the 2017 Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo.[/colored_box]

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