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Doosan Dx380LC-3 Excavator


Doosan’s story in Australia is about timing, and productivity. Little wonder Daniel Blanch from Advanced Civil Solutions has decided to expand his fleet with Doosan.

The evolution of construction equipment over the past 50 years has seen a shift towards the use of excavators. This has opened up opportunities for more Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to enter the market, which in turn has created stiffer competition.

A prime example of this is the emergence of the Doosan brand name. Fifteen years ago if you said “Doosan” to an earth moving contractor, they would have given you a puzzled stare, but today the Doosan product is commonplace in quarries, construction sites and infrastructure projects the world over.

Market acceptance is always a challenge with any new product. However, the rate at which Doosan has been accepted here in Australia is largely accredited to two things:

1. The need for more competitive equipment in the civil infrastructure industry due to drastically reduced profit margins and

2. Better value for money alternative to the previously dominant brands. In many ways, entering the market early in an economic downturn Doosan answered the question right as it was being asked by most savvy, plant focused companies. The question was: “How can we reduce our owning and operating costs without sacrificing on plant availability, or our capability as a company?”

The answer: Doosan.


The comprehensive excavator line up from Doosan allows them to compete in the compact machine market, right through to the 70 ton space. In the middle of the line-up, however, is the Doosan DX380LC. The DX380LC tips the scales at approximately 41 ton, depending on the build spec. So it goes head to head with the other tier one brands in the 38 to 42 ton range. EEM caught up with Daniel Blanch from Advanced Civil Solutions, after recently taking delivery of a new Doosan DX380LC, in order to get some feedback regarding the machine. Daniel and the ACS team differentiate themselves from their competition in the way they view a challenge.

Where some see obstacles, Daniel sees opportunity. When it came time to expand his plant fleet recently, Daniel chose the new Doosan DX380LC for its build quality, reputation for reliability and value for money.

The ACS fleet comprises a range of equipment configurations from various brands enabling them to cater to the specialised nature of the projects they take on. When asked how the overall customer experience with Clark Equipment and Doosan rated in comparison to other OEMs, Daniel spoke highly of both the product and the support he had received.

“Feedback from the operator’s is positive, it has plenty of power and the boys like it… I can’t fault it at all, we haven’t had any trouble and I don’t foresee that we will.”

When asked about his interaction with Clark Equipment in Queensland throughout the sales process, Blanch went on to say: “Clark Equipment have been around for a long time and I’ve seen them evolve in recent times. As a customer, it gives me some comfort knowing that they’re the national dealer and that I will get supported properly, no matter where we work”.



The DX380LC features a new ROPS and OPG certified cab with 6% more space than the previous model. The operator’s joysticks feature direct control via new proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons for precise, proportional control of a range of attachments. The new 7-inch colour visual control monitor offers a clear display in a range of ambient lighting conditions with a comprehensive level of functionality. All functions can be controlled both from the instrument panel as well as via the new jog/shuttle control next to the joystick, a feature exclusive to Doosan excavators. As a standard feature, the operator has access to a new attachment select and setting function, with multiple recordable preset values. A new cab suspension system combined with a heated air suspension seat reduces operator fatigue, by reducing vibration by 20% and lowering the noise level in the cab to as low as 71 dB(A).

The new DX380LC-3 excavator is powered by the Doosan DL08K ‘common rail’ 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with an 8 per cent increase in torque, and 5 per cent more power [213 kW (286hp)] at 1800rpm. Improved cooling efficiency and ease of cleaning is enabled by having the oil cooler separate from the radiator.

An improved main control valves reduces energy loss, therefore increasing efficiency. Additional sensors have been installed for improved electronic management of pump/ engine/mcv. This allows a more efficient selection of flow/pressure/rpm to better match load requirements.

The hydraulic system is the heart of any excavator, get this right and it defines the value of the machine. A new hydraulic system with a new electro-hydraulic control minimises pressure loss through the main control valve, thereby utilising engine power more effectively, maximising pump usage and delivering more comfort, smoothness and accuracy. New hydraulic pumps and valves increase main pump flow capacity by 23 per cent and pilot flow has been increased by 11 per cent, providing a combination of higher overall pressures and hydraulic flow to boost front, travel and power functions. A 5 per cent increase in hydraulic pressure to 350-370 bar improves performance with higher lifting capabilities, faster cycle times and higher breakout forces. Overall, the hydraulic system of the new generation DX380LC-3 excavator improves performance and productivity, with highly responsive joystick controls that give the operator what they expect.

With several projects underway in South East Queensland and more prepped and ready to start, it shouldn’t be long until further expansion brings Daniel back to Clark Equipment to look at the rest of the Doosan range including wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. In the meanwhile, he can reap the benefits of the productivity and reliability his Doosan DX380LC brings to site.

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