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DOOSAN DX140W Hydraulic Excavator

My good mate Matty W often talks about the “five p’s” (proper preparation prevents poor performance), which stands true to this very day. In providing the ultimate Hydraulic Wheeled Excavator the team at Doosan have applied this very same philosophy, but have also managed to create a similar version all of their own. I like to call it the “four i’s” because these i’s are the backbone of the new DX140W: increased production, improved fuel economy, improved ergonomics and enhanced reliability.

It’s not just improvements that make the DX140W the workhorse that it is, there are also a few new features that jump out as an operator. The addition of the advanced Doosan H-class bucket has introduced the best strength of steel with an optimised design, and the inclusion of a side cutter as well as a chamfer and inner plate has increased bucket solidity.

While Doosan was focused on the front end, they also decided to redesign their front bush, creating a more advanced unit that sports a newly enhanced macro-surface. It now has a Pocket & Dimple surface pattern optimised for greasing and catching foreign objects. Its new solid lubricant coating reduces noise and outlasts its competitors by 30 per cent.


Everyone knows of the power and performance of a Doosan, but in their continuous search for improvement to deliver the very best machine possible the team have also created a new EPOS controlled hydraulic system. This new system has combined with a pile of other features to create an unbeatable hydraulic excavator with cost/ performance ratio that makes the DX140W even more attractive.


So, during our onsite tests, the Doosan felt smooth with an underlying power that was ready to rip in when needed effortlessly. This style of machine is about productivity and power and with the added speed and agility that comes from a wheeled excavator you  will be truly amazed at how much you can get done. From that power (which there is a mountain of) comes precision and effortless operation. This machine wants to go to work, and it would be plain rude of me to deny it and myself that pleasure. Go hard or go home.


This machine is fast on the ground with a top speed of 37km/h and is driven by an entirely hydrostatic system. Sporting a three-speed powershift transmission with high torque and variable displacement, the DX140W is deceptively nimble. The drive is comfortable due to the new driveline concept and advanced disc brake system. Heavy duty axles also add to this experience with the first offering wide oscillating and steering angles. The rear axle also has the transmission directly mounted to it, offering good protection and ground clearance. The rigid undercarriage design has been created to provide a rigid frame that offers excellent durability. Efficient hydraulic lines routing, transmission protection and heavy duty axels all make this undercarriage perfect for wheel loader excavation applications. The dozer blade can be mounted to the front, back or both and is ideal for levelling, cleaning up or adding stability to the machine during digging operations. In the model we tested the blade was mounted to the rear. This machine is going to be suited to works in urban areas or in areas where tracked machines would destroy or at least damage the ground coverings like concrete, road base or even turf. With one of these machines, the painstaking task of laying plywood underneath the tracks of an excavator is a thing of the past.

The brains of the machine are the new EPOS (Electronic Power Optimising System), which has been significantly improved upon through a CAN (Controller Area Network) communication link, which means these units are now perfectly synchronised to offer optimum power and efficiency.



The real value of any machine comes down to its reliability and Doosan have pulled out  all the stops to ensure this machine has been built from the most robust, highly durable materials available and have employed computer-assisted design technique to provide the optimum strength from each component. The D-type frame chassis adds strength and minimises distortion from shocks. Advanced bushing, a polymer shim and LED stop lamps all work together to considerably improve the average service life of previous items.




There is no denying the space inside the cabin, which is nicely laid out. The number of foot pedals can be a little confronting if you’re not used to driving a wheel loader excavator, but this by no means detracts from the experience inside the cab. The DX140W ticks all the boxes with an air suspension seat, MP3 player, joystick controls, 7-inch colour monitor, 2-stage sliding seat – it just keeps on giving.


Ground level maintenance is always a big plus and reduced maintenance operations at long intervals means less downtime for the machine on site. This machine is designed to maximise profitability and minimise downtime. Oils, fluids and filters have all been refined to produce extended lifespans.


I have been thoroughly impressed by the Doosan DX140W. I know there are a lot of contractors looking into this type of machine at the moment with projects like the new airport in Sydney not being too far away from breaking ground. If you are in the market for a wheeled excavator make sure you take the opportunity to put one of these machines through its paces because Doosan have got this one right.

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