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Does Your Blade Make The Grade? Cat® Motor Grader Cutting Edges

If you’re looking to help increase wear life and reduce costs, it’s important to choose the right cutting edges. In the long run, it’ll make a big difference to your motor grader’s performance and productivity.

Genuine Cat® motor grader cutting edges are built to deliver superior performance and long wear life. They’re designed for easy removal and installation too.

There are many factors that contribute to your choice of cutting edge. Consider your application environment – in particular, the level of impact, penetration and abrasion your edge needs to endure. It’s critical that your edge penetrates the material and doesn’t break during operation.

As Caterpillar Component Application Specialist Joe Clevenger knows,

“Matching the correct edge to application allows for better machine performance and greater end results for your job. This can result in reduced operational and maintenance costs.”

The table (right) provides an overview of cutting edge options for a range of environments and applications.

Each of the options in the table is available in a variety of shapes and thicknesses to suit every application. As well as the large range of off-the-shelf options, you can also customise your cutting edges through the Made as Order (MAO) program.

Flat edges: These are suitable for heavy road maintenance and pioneering. Their strength and available wear material make them the best option for applications that require maximum abrasion and impact resistance.

Curved edges: Curved cutting edges are best suited to applications where you need superior penetration and rolling action. Curved edges are also useful for fine grading and finish work.

Flat serrated edges: When you need to penetrate packed gravel, a flat serrated edge can provide better penetration than a continuous edge. They provide greater down pressure per inch of edge contact.

Curved serrated edges: These loosen hard-to-penetrate materials quickly. Curved serrated cutting edges can penetrate better than a flat serrated cutting edge.

Caterpillar offers a wide range of cutting edges for motor graders, with each providing certain benefits when used in the appropriate application. Your Cat dealer can provide the expert advice you need.

It’s an important decision, so make sure your blade makes the grade. To learn more, scan the QR code below or visit

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