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Ditch Witch SK900 stand-on skid-steer

The Ditch Witch SK900 stand-on skid steer

The SK series from Ditch Witch is a range of six construction-grade skid steers, and the SK900 is the newest model in the Australian line up.

There are some very impressive features throughout the range, including zero daily greasing requirements, high ground clearance, and a unique high-drive track system that has bolt-on sprockets and track rollers for easy serviceability, and also provides increased traction and better stability. All track rollers are replaceable, a feature unique to Ditch Witch, and all have a low-maintenance track-tensioning system, attachment plates which will carry a wide array of attachments, and the biggest stand-on platform in the industry.

But the SK900 has a few innovations and specifics which make it an even more efficient and harder-working machine.

Power where it’s needed

The SK900 runs a Yanmar 24hp turbo diesel motor, and in combination with a new hydraulic system and ground drive, it punches well above its weight.

Scott O’Hare, National Product Manager for Ditch Witch, shared some of the positive points of the newest SK.

“The Yanmar engine runs at a lower rpm than similar machines,” O’Hare explained. “So it runs much quieter than other units in the 24hp to 32hp class in the Australian market.

The Ditch Witch SK900 stand-on skid steer
The SK900 can power an array of attachments.

“The SK900 also features a new hydraulic pump and higher torque drive motors. That basically means tractive effort is greater than other machines in its class. It will become very noticeable in applications where more pushing power is required, allowing operators to get more out of their machine while maintaining a smaller footprint.”

New and improved

As with all the Ditch Witch SK skid steers, the SK900 has the same ground-drive speed in forward and reverse, but the newest model also features a trouble-shooting code gauge on the dash which helps with diagnostics and saves time. There’s no need to hook up a diagnostic tool. There’s also a new paddle throttle in lieu of a mechanical lever, and O’Hare points out it’s a bonus.

“There’s no adjustment required for it. It’s a more reliable set up and easier to use,” he said.

Where the other models in the Ditch Witch SK range have a steel guard which flips down and secures the fuel filler cap, the SK900 is available with a locking cap, speeding up access and making refuelling faster and easier.

The SK900 is clearly going to be well suited to the Australian landscaping industry.

“For landscape contractors who are using the SK900 in applications like digging, loading trucks and preparing surfaces, having the additional ground-drive torque is very important,” O’Hare pointed out. “They’re the operators who’ll see a big benefit from the SK900.”

Available from all CEA branches Australia-wide. Visit www.ditchwitchcea.com.au

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