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Ditch Witch SK600 – Rugged And Ready For Any Irrigation Or Landscape Job

Ditch Witch SK600 Mini Stand-On Skid Steer – designed to impress.

The Ditch Witch SK600 Mini Stand-On Skid Steer has been designed for a wide variety of landscaping and irrigation jobs. Featuring a narrow footprint for tight workspaces and with diesel and hydraulic power, this machine is designed for rugged work and is sure to impress with its Kubota diesel engine (24.8hp/18.5kW) and 272kg rated operating capacity.

The narrow frame of the Ditch Witch SK600 ensures the ultimate in manoeuvrability for moving in and around tight spaces allowing operators to shift materials through awkward spots on commercial and residential sites. With its 272kg rated operating capacity the SK600 can also move large loads around making light work of any job on any site.

Extremely versatile, the Ditch Witch SK600 is suitable for use with a multitude of attachments including 4 in 1 buckets, grapple and palette forks, augers, and backfill blades, just to name a few.

The operator platform on the SK600 is class leading and ensures a comfortable ride, and with the optimized hydraulics the SK600 offers the smoothest ride in the industry for any operator spending long days on the job.

Built for heavy-duty operation, the construction-grade design improves machine durability and longevity and overall machine ROI.

Class-leading power to the attachment has improved strength and performance that you can easily feel when operating the machine, which is precisely what you want with a skid steer designed for maximum productivity. Yet the power and control of the Ditch Witch SK600 is smooth, balanced and comfortable. The operator’s platform is best in class and does a great job at providing a comfortable ride and taking the jolt out of the operation of the machine. Adding to the operator’s comfort factor is the optimised hydraulic system, which has increased both performance and comfort.

Available through Ditch Witch CEA, the SK600 is the ultimate machine for a variety of landscaping and irrigation work.

To find out more visit your local Ditch Witch CEA Branch today or call the team on 1300 788 757.

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