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DigPilot Excavator Guidance

DigPilot is at the forefront of excavator guidance technology with its simplicity, flexibility and reliability.

Knowing the position and elevation of the bucket tip of your excavator is paramount to productivity. DigPilot is a Norwegian product and its manufacturers are proudly the oldest of their kind in Norway, with more than 100 years in the construction business. They have a proud heritage of innovation and improvement.

DigPilot was the first to introduce wireless sensors to the market and is still the only wireless solution to offer a true upgrade path to 3D. They now also offer wired sensors for those that prefer this option – all sensors are fully waterproof.

The system is designed with end-user installation and maintenance capabilities by design. Even broken sensors can be replaced by the operator in minutes. One DigPilot Kit may be installed on 20 machines, calibrated and can quickly be moved from machine to machine.

Because the sensors and the screen are both moved to subsequent machines, the cost of fitting up other machines is massively reduced. Your 3D installation can also be utilised as a 2D system on other machines quickly and cheaply. The low cost of a 2D installation means you have choices you wouldn’t normally have. A 2D base kit can cost as little as $500. You can buy, hire or rent Australia wide, without worrying you have over-committed to the equipment you may only need for particular projects.

Plant hire companies can offer 2D or 3D on all of their hire machines with only a small capital investment. No other scalable 2D-3D system can offer this.

DigPilot 3D files can be loaded via USB or through DigPilot Office cloud remotely. The service allows the dealer, customer or surveyor to upload new files to cloud-based shared directories. This service is open to all active 3D DigPilot customers. With a valid SIM card fitted, it requires no extra hardware purchase. Other manufacturers require separate modems for this option. Remote support (usually only required for training purposes) is also included, allowing technicians to see what the operator sees in real time and assist in making changes to any aspect of the configured software. Assistance in file upload and site calibration are all possible through the provided software.

One truly innovative feature of DigPilot is the ease in which you can create your own 2D and 3D projects within the machine.

The system allows you to construct flat plane surfaces, single and sloping plane surfaces, canals and trenches to your specifications within minutes by following the simple on-screen instructions.

With DigPilot you can turn up to site and dig all day with any of your excavator fleet without the need for a grade checker, saving you time, wages and OH&S concerns.

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