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Digga: Leading the way with innovation

Digga is investing heavily in its manufacturing future to ensure its Australian-made products stay affordable, without compromising quality.

Since Digga’s inception in 1981, innovation has played a key role in its history and success. From pioneering pendulum drilling in Australia to game changing innovations such as HALO, the Ryno Hitch, 2 Speed Auger Drives, and the Diggatac trencher tooth, Digga has always prided itself on continuous improvements.

Digga’s HALO auger alignment system features in-built LED lights.

While a company’s ability to innovate is often judged on its release of new cutting-edge products, in reality, innovation takes on many forms – many of which are not seen by the consumer. These can come in the form of product design and performance improvements, streamlined manufacturing processes, or investing in the latest manufacturing machinery.

With a full-time staff of 16 engineers and one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in Australia, Digga invests heavily in its future to ensure its products perform well, are durable and affordable, while still being manufactured in Australia.

“In this ever changing, fast-paced world, innovation, as well as embracing and developing new technologies has never been so important,” said Zoe Davies, Digga Deputy CEO. “We’ve grown our engineering department and continue to invest millions in new technology to equip Digga for the future.”

In the first quarter of 2023, Digga will be commissioning a state of the art blasting booth and awaiting delivery of a new pipe laser, both of which will deliver an improved product while reducing production costs – which is critical to Digga being able to compete against cheap, imported products.

On the product front, Digga recently released HALO, an ingenious auger alignment system which is hailed as ‘the future of the drilling industry’. This alignment system, designed and manufactured by Digga, features LED lights built into the hood of an auger drive and is designed to improve efficiency while saving the operator time and money.

Aerial image of Digga’s manufacturing facility
Digga’s manufacturing facility in Yatala, Queensland.

HALO indicates when the auger drive is plumb, and has been engineered for versatility, with applications across situations such as drilling, screw anchoring, and shade structure foundations.

“HALO is the biggest innovation in drilling since auger drives changed from being chain driven to be powered by planetary gears in the late 80s,” Davies said. “Apart from improved performance and reliability, the auger drive hasn’t changed much over the past 20 years.”

HALO is currently available on auger drives for Mini Machines right up to 30-tonne excavators, with work well underway to incorporate HALO in the entire screw anchor drive range. This will be a game-changer for installers as precision is paramount when installing screw anchors. A mobile app is also being developed to further expand the capabilities of the HALO system.

Looking forward to the rest of 2023, Digga has some exciting products slated for release, including a new 4-in-1 bucket, and updated bucket broom, and a new trencher.

Digga prides itself on its Australian-made products.

The 4-in-1 bucket, like auger drives, has seen very little evolution in its design for decades. Digga systematically reviewed each component and feature which operators noted as critical and redesigned their 4-in-1 from the ground up. With field testing and operator reviews completed, Digga is finalising supply chain and production processes ahead of release.

The broom will see some key improvements designed to make it easier to use and more durable. During the review process the engineering team developed clever ways to improve the manufacturing process which will help maintain competitive pricing.

With a constant focus on improvement and innovation, Digga is not prepared to slow down with the design and testing of electric attachments already underway. Digga is poised for bright future.

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