Dig Assist and CJD Equipment

Growing up on a farm, Eunan Coll’s passion for machinery was sparked at an early age, and it was a natural progression that he should become involved with the earthmoving industry, and eventually form his own company Dig Assist, providing civil earthmoving and construction services throughout Western Australia.

As Eunan, who has been involved with the industry for over two decades, told EEM, much of his childhood was spent around various types of equipment, fuelling his initial interest in working with machines, and effectively shaping his career path.

“I grew up on a farm, so I have always been around plant and equipment from a very young age,” he said. “I would spend all my spare time, after school, on weekends and my summers, working on the farm and around the equipment.”

Harnessing his wide-ranging personal and professional experience, Eunan formed Dig Assist in 2015, fulfilling a goal to be at the helm of his own company, and set about building a name for the business, taking on a range of projects.

“I started Dig Assist, as my passion and drive in life was to purchase my own equipment and to start up my own business,” he explained.

“I started subcontracting to various larger companies in the Perth and Pilbara regions, with most of the work associated with civil mining projects and main road projects throughout Western Australia.”

Eunan told EEM that Dig Assist offers a wide range of services, spanning civil earthmoving works, construction, roads, mining, and marine construction, with the company taking pride in all projects that it undertakes.

“We are currently working on various main road projects around the Perth region and civil earthmoving works,” he said.

“We keep a well-maintained fleet, top-quality equipment, and adapt to the diverse range of technology available to ensure the highest quality of works are carried out for our clients and provide up-to-date training for all staff to ensure the team’s safety is a priority,” he commented.

Dig Assist has recently added a Volvo ECR145EL excavator to its fleet, with Eunan – who also runs a Volvo EC350D excavator – noting that operator comfort and ease of operation have been strong factors in his decision to use Volvo machines.

“I have been working with Volvo machines these last few years, and the smoothness and the comfort of the Volvo is far above other brands that I have used in the past,” he said. “Setting up the ECR145EL had to be right so we added a Doherty D-Lock tilt coupler with an Engcon trimming bucket for the perfect weight and its angles for tight spots.”

Weighing in at over 15t (operating weight), the ECR145EL has a short swing radius, enabling efficient operations in confined spaces, while its Stage V D4J engine and an optimised hydraulics system underpin its power, performance, and fuel efficiency.

“Being the first E series, the cab upgrades are very appealing for maximum comfort, and the radius for working in tight areas is phenomenal,” Eunan told EEM.

Jayden Zannino, CJD Equipment Regional Sales Manager, noted that the Dig Assist team has added a range of personal touches to the ECR145EL, decking it out with unique signage, making it a real attention-grabber when going through its paces.

“They’ve done a great job,” he said. “The colour green is prominent for safety purposes when working alongside traffic and rail lines day and night. Precise Signs and Graphics worked closely with Dig Assist in completing the standout signage on the counterweight, making it hard to miss and sure to be talked about on the job site.”

Eunan said he has been dealing with CJD over the last few years, with the quality of the Volvo equipment supported by CJD’s comprehensive service offering, with CJD available to provide support as needed.

“The customer service is of a very high standard, and I haven’t had any issues right through from the sales to the after-sales service,” he said.

Both Jayden and Eunan told EEM that while COVID-19 has presented unique issues for the industry to deal with, business has remained strong throughout the year.

“It’s been a really busy year thus far, COVID-19 has been a factor, but we have managed to push through pretty well,” Jayden said. “We are still seeing plenty of interest for machines coming through, which is a great sign for the economy.”

Eunan added that building on a busy 2021, Dig Assist will be looking to continue with this strong momentum moving forward, with the outlook looking good for next year.

“Dig Assist has been extremely busy during the pandemic, and I am looking forward to bigger and better things in 2022,” he commented.

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