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Dieci’s Zeus 35.10: Where comfort meets functionality

The Dieci Zeus telehandler

Dieci’s Zeus 35.10 Telehandler delivers on performance and comfort for an ever-changing construction industry.

Anyone in the market for a telehandler will welcome the news that stock of the Dieci Zeus 35.10 is now available throughout Australia.

True to the company’s design philosophy of delivering reliability and productivity in absolute comfort, this Italian designed telehandler reflects the combination of functionality and operator ease for which Dieci has earned global recognition.

The Zeus 35.10 is designed to offer the operator the perfect balance between power and agility whenever it is necessary to handle heavy loads in confined spaces. The machine has been designed to respond to controls in a fluid way, with precision and promptness, thus guaranteeing exceptional work comfort in complete safety.

The Dieci Zeus 35.10 telehandler
The Zeus 35.10 is designed to offer the perfect balance between power and agility

Designed for changing needs

The needs of construction sites are continually changing, with a high awareness of reducing management costs, while boosting vehicle productivity. Dieci engineers have been successful in blending outstanding design and functionality to satisfy the demands of customers who want more versatile, robust, and reliable machines that are also easy to drive and operate.

The powerful and compact telehandlers in the Zeus range are designed to give the user just the right balance between power and agility. This optimum balance ensures the machine can easily manage handling heavy loads in confined spaces across industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture.

Common advantages offered by the Zeus range are great power, excellent handling, precise movement control, sound proofing for absolute comfort, and a choice of two-wheel, four-wheel or crab steering modes. The Zeus range of telehandlers can also be fitted with a full range of accessories, making them incredibly adaptable and versatile.

Ticking all the boxes

The Dieci Zeus 35.10 has the lot when it comes to practical features to get the job done efficiently, while the operator experiences real comfort, even throughout long shifts.

Telehandler operators will immediately feel the advantage of the machines’ telescopic boom which is made from high resistance steel, and the load sensing and flow sharing distributors that enable more simultaneous movements during operation.

The 35.10’s hydrostatic transmission provides power, reactivity, and control in manoeuvres, while a single control unit measures the optimal working parameters through in-depth diagnostics. Combined with an “inching” pedal command, this allows for situations where it is an advantage for these machines to run at slow speed, yet at maximum power to the boom to increase precision and productivity.

To improve durability, a patented single compensation cylinder is located inside the lifting ram to ensure that the load on the boom is balanced at all times.

Maximum safety

The cabin on Dieci Telehandlers is ROPS/FOPS approved and compliant with AS1418.19/10896.1 standards. Cabs are designed with a safety cell to prevent deformation in the event of the vehicle being overturned or a heavy load falling on the cab.

Adding to safety is a load limiter device that analyses vehicle stability in real time and inhibits any aggravating movements when the pre-set safety limits are reached. To prevent accidental operation, there is a deadman sensor combined with a seat operator presence sensor.

Advanced comfort and visibility

The large, curved windows of the cab give a complete 360-degree outside view with uninterrupted visibility, while integrated LED work lights allow better visibility at night.

Making life easy for the operator is a 4-in-1 ergonomically designed joystick with integrated forward and reverse, soundproofing, an adjustable steering wheel (height and depth), storage compartments and an air suspension seat. There is also a semi-automatic air conditioning system with six outlet vents that allows perfect air circulation inside the cabin, openable rear glass and roof and integrated electric driver’s window.

For more on the Dieci Zeus 35.10, visit: www.dieciaustralia.com.au


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