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Dieci – Not Just A Telehandler Manufacturer

While Dieci is well known for telehandlers in Australia, did you know they also manufacture a broad range of dumpers?

With the needs of construction sites constantly changing and a large focus on reducing management costs and improving vehicle productivity, Dieci has invested in delivering a range of dumpers that match the evolving requests of their customers.

Designed with the same quality Italian design as their telehandlers, Dieci’s dumpers are a versatile, maneuverable, and lightweight solution with robust construction and industry standard components.

Ease-of-use and driver safety are essential factors for every vehicle produced by Dieci, to which the company has over the years built a solid reputation for reliability and expertise among companies in the construction, agricultural and mining sectors.

Built with the Dieci PX off-road chassis, these machines have proven their tough off-road capabilities against Australia’s harshest environments.

Hard-working and reliable, Dieci dumpers are ideal for handling materials on construction sites or in industrial environments. Each model has specific characteristics, especially designed for every work requirement.

With a maximum capacity of up to 12,000kg and a maximum load volume of up to 7.5m3, Dieci dumpers are supported by a hydraulic system that allows the dump body to tip automatically.

All models have 4-wheel drive and 2- or 4- wheel steering, along with a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning capabilities and reversible driver’s seat. Many localised custom options are also available to ensure maximum productivity and safety.

Dieci dumpers can be equipped with a self-loading shovel for autonomy, even when loading the dump body without the need for a second support vehicle.

Central articulated steering provides a tight turning radius, so that they can easily move around on construction sites.

Dieci Australia’s large focus on safety means that each dumper has been manufactured to meet local Australian design and compliance standards. An independent external engineer signs off on every new machine or attachment that comes out, including attachments that they have developed ourselves.

Dieci dumpers are available across Australia through the Dieci Australia dealer network.

For more information contact Dieci Australia on 1300 888 479 or visit

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