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Demex Demolition & Atlas Copco CB 2500


When it comes to winning contracts around Australia in the demolition and asbestos removal industries one company that has been experiencing fantastic growth and success is Demex Demolition, which is part of the Todd Group and has over 30 years in the game behind them. One part of their success is due to their commitment to embrace new technologies and methodologies, their recent acquisition of the first Atlas Copco CB 2500 concrete buster in Australia for their Orange Hospital demolition contract is a great example of this.

The other part of their success is down to their belief and goal as a family owned and operated company, to maintain their family values and focus on forming close client relationships that lie at the heart of the business and are reflected throughout everything they do.

Demex Demolition provides fully integrated, end-to-end solutions for any project requiring demolition, excavation and asbestos removal.

Their forte is working with principals and contractors to create methodologies that focus on using their skilled team and specialised equipment to open further possibilities for the construction industry, all the while not losing sight of the safety parameters involved in the high risk work they accomplish.

Whilst visiting Demex we were lucky enough to catch up with Richard Todd, Sole Director and Richard Todd Snr, Principle of Demex. Both the lads were very candid and happy to share the story of Demex, which was rebranded some five years ago with the clear goal to grow the business and conquer on a national scale.

Which they have been successful in on several levels.



When speaking with Richard he shared, “While we have numerous projects operating at the one time, now there is a strong focus on our works based in Orange, NSW. Here we have been engaged by a privately-owned construction company on this NSW health site to remove all hazardous materials before we structurally demolish each existing building at the Former Orange Base Hospital.

This project has used most of our specialised and modern equipment due to the scope intricacies and program controls.

“It’s without doubt the equipment makes an impact, both visually and for the results it delivers. Clients predominantly need you to meet your program on budget, so when you deliver an array of modern and advanced equipment there’s a sense of security there for all.”

After making the drive from Sydney out to Orange to meet the team and take a closer look at some of their exciting new acquisitions from BA Equipment Group, Atlas Copco’s authorised rig mounted hydraulic attachments Dealer throughout QLD, NT and WA, I was very keen to get straight into the work site and roll our sleeves up and check out the beast that is the Atlas Copco CB 2500 Concrete buster. When we pulled up outside the old Orange hospital, it was a pretty impressive demolition site.

The Demex crew had finished removing all the asbestos in the week before and was now up to the stage of bringing down the main building, which stood five levels tall. It was the perfect height for their 47-tonne high-reach excavator (one of only four in Australia) with its awesome 29m reach, which isn’t just a talking point but a workhorse that delivers amazing results. It was obvious that wrecking balls and explosives were never going to be an acceptable solution being surrounded by residential streets and homes. Dust and noise issues in residential areas like this were always going to call for a more sophisticated approach and the dedicated team of 40 professionals, along with their cutting-edge machines, work collectively to achieve the highest levels of professionalism in what is a high-risk industry.

Atlas Copco


The Atlas Copco CB 2500 was purchased as a primary concrete buster and has been very warmly welcomed by the Demex team.

Its ability to bite through slabs of concrete with its 1100mm wide opening makes it the best in its class, and combine that with its cracking force of 100 tonnes and you have a serious, dependable and rugged attachment that is ideal for their high reach or long front carriers.

Watching the CB 2500 in action was a treat with its ability to crack through foundation walls with a thickness of up to 900mm. With a blade length of 240mm its ability to bite through steel rebar is just as impressive as its cracking ability. Watching Richard put the CB 2500 Concrete Buster to task on some serious slabs was an impressive site indeed.

With its low weight of 2580kg, its full rotation capabilities and the fact that it fits Demex’s High Reach machine, this piece of equipment was the perfect choice in a residential area where a hydraulic breaker was not permitted.

CB 2500

  • Ideal for high reach or long front carriers
  • Low weight of 2580kg
  • Ideal for cracking girder and heavy concrete
  • Jaw opening: 1100mm
  • Cracking force: 100 tonne
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Double pin system
  • Long blades
  • Two single jaws


  • Carrier weight: 20-35 tonne
  • Service weight: 2600kg
  • Delivery weight: 2370kg
  • Crushing force jaw tip: 100 tonne
  • Length: 2260mm
  • Width: 1560mm
  • Jaw depth: 750mm
  • Cutting blade length: 240mm
  • Operating pressure: 350 bar
  • Oil flow: 250 l/min

Another Atlas Copco attachment that has proven to be worth its weight in gold for the team at Demex is the MG 2300 Multi Grapple.

This unit has been so successful in its ability to remove, sort and load that Demex has just purchased a second Grapple. It has proven to be extremely efficient, durable and precise, thanks to its 360-degree hydraulic rotary drive, its constant force and precision handling. It’s no surprise that it has quickly become a favourite attachment of the operators at Demex.


When discussing all things Atlas Copco and BA Equipment, Richard said, “In the past few years we have acquired three Atlas Copco pieces; most recently the concrete buster, which we’ve bought primarily for its crush force coupled with its large 1.1m opening allowing more versatility when it comes to large beams and structures including bridges. Like all our equipment we need it to be durable and reliable, which Atlas Copco certainly continues to deliver.

“BA Equipment has played a fundamental part in responding to our needs and keeping us aware of the advancements in machinery for our industry. It’s through their shared knowledge and support that we have been able to be at the forefront of innovation in our industry. Their customer and after-sales service is on point, supported by courteous and knowledgeable staff.

“Success is multi-faceted, and our team feel supported and achieve success for Demex when the equipment they’re relying on delivers with minimal interruptions for breakdowns and/or safety related concerns or matters. We believe modern and reliable equipment supports our team to predominantly work efficiently, safely and allows for increased productivity through its capability.”

After spending the day with both Richards and their crew at Orange it was clear the respect, values and professionalism start at the top and are present throughout the entire team. The boys work hard but still have a bit of banter along the way. If you’re not previously familiar with Demex watch this space because they are kicking some goals and have a great culture.

Demex is humbly and actively involved with the Demolition Contractors Association (QLD) who aim to promote safe work practices for the demolition and asbestos removal industries.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]The Association is always seeking new members and would welcome your enquiries to[/colored_box]


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