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Black Cat Civil’s 5 x Next Gen 336

Celebrations are underway for Queensland based Hastings Deering and longstanding customer, Black Cat Civil.

Proud to deliver Australia’s very first fleet of the Next Generation Caterpillar° 336 Excavators, delivery of five of the latest in the 36-ton excavator category is to exchange hands to Black Cat Civil.

Mr Brett Lenz, Sales Manager of Hastings Deering speaks highly of the innovative new product. “The Cat° 336 Next Gen builds on the success of the 320 and 323 Next Gen machines. We now have a platform not only productive and efficient, but a true market leader and innovator.”

The Caterpillar 336 Next Generation boosts technology and product development that has been closely monitored by Black Cat Civil Co-Director, Mr Jai Tomlinson. “We currently have a small fleet of D Series Cat 336’s. They are instrumental in our business but we have scope for more. I’ve contemplated each series release over the years, but caught wind of the Next Generation in progress. With further research and understanding the product offerings of each series, there was no comparison and we knew that the Next Gen would be critical to our business going forth.”

Mr Tomlinson adds, “The D Series has fared well for us in areas that are often remote throughout Australia. Each subsequent series has been modified or improved in some way, but the Next Generation 336 is incomparable. To be the first in Australia to take ownership and of a small fleet of five 336’s no less, is astounding.

“We would usually spend time and quite some money customising a machine to our standards. However the Next Generation will save us considerably, because of the features that are now standard from Caterpillar in this machine. History shows us that the more features included in the factory pack from Caterpillar, the less issues we will have.

The Cat 336 Next Generation promises a 45% gain in productivity with technology using new operator features including LIFT Assist. The On-board Cat Connect Technology, allows operators to work with more speed, confidence and accuracy with a 15% increase in efficiency and fuel economy. Assisting this claim is the easy-maintenance design that has extended, more synchronized maintenance intervals. Easier to access checkpoints and increased capacity and longer life filters.

There is one selling point of the Caterpillar product suite, that Black Cat Civil would not be without. “We’re all after support. Why do we keep coming back to Caterpillar and Hastings Deering? Because of the support,” Mr Tomlinson undoubtedly states.

“We have multiple camps and works nationwide at any one time. Remote areas and isolated, further on from the towns of Alice Springs and Darwin. Presently we have a 50 man mobile camp near the Western Australia border and no other supplier can offer the support of Hastings Deering with Caterpillar.

Mr Tomlinson admits that a part of the business strength has been its honest and enduring relationship with the select team at Hastings Deering.

“Generally, we are so impressed with Caterpillar’s quality and longevity, and to combine with the Hastings Deering support and service, the introduction of the New Generation 336 has been a highly anticipated order that has resulted in the delivery of five new machines, the first in Australia.

“There is nothing like the Cat 336 elsewhere. Caterpillar is terrifically advanced in both the product build and the technology of the 336 Next Gen. Our operators can use features like E-Fencing technology to ensure the safety of solid structures. The advances are sublime and they’re in abundance. The Cat 336 will increase operator ease; safety and we expect less downtime through increased production, efficiency and effectiveness. We can track every move and understand how each machine is faring to service and maintain it preventing costly downtime.

Cat 336 Next Generation excavators by design consume less fuel than the existing models they have evolved from. It’s just another positive for Black Cat Civil with Hastings Deering supporting to ensure all criteria is meet for their customers.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]To Learn more about the machines visit Next Gen 336 Excavators 

To watch onsite with the 336 Next Generation Excavators and Black Cat Civil https://youtu.be/CkF-voSz1-c [/colored_box]

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