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D’Avino Dump Truck Range

D’Avino Group has been known in the manufacturing industry since 1975 when the Italian Company, founded in 1950 by Pasquale D’Avino, began to build customised construction machines. What started as a family owned business, after several years and three generations, the company is still managed with the same passion by the D’Avino Family who put their heart and soul into the construction and development of every model in its range.

Nimac Pacific is launching the D’Avino Range in Australia supporting the local market demand for robust, reliable, and high-performance solutions to suit dump trucks, water trucks, concrete agitators and tool carriers, as well as hi-rail maintenance applications.

The D’Avino Dump Truck Range offers three models in the 12 tonne capacity: the 120 TW – a 180-degree swivel dump truck with the 3 view drive positions platform for maximum versatility around worksites, and the D12 – a high volume rear tipping dump truck with record productivity for material moved and, last but not least, the DS60 Plus – a compact 6 tonne articulated swivel dumper .

Designed to work in construction, infrastructure, quarry and small-scale mining operations, the D’Avino Dump Trucks share the innovative four steering wheels system across the range. The double steering axles also allow the operator to drive the machine utilising three steering modes – front, combined and crab – for enhancing manoeuvrability and efficiency in confined operations such as construction sites, rough terrain areas or tunnel projects.

With the smallest turning circle of all manufacturers (4.5m) the 12 Tonne Dump Truck Range is created to deliver a tough, agile and easy to use solution with unmatched performance in uneven terrain where the hydrostatic transmission, in combination with the front oscillating axle and the low centre of gravity, ensure excellent stability and great traction up to 40 per cent slope under full load.

The Dump Truck Range is equipped with high quality ‘Hardox’ steel body to increase machine durability and secure a consistent return on investment throughout its lifetime. The Hardox steel certification also guarantees the quality of the production process involved in its fabrication ensuring a 3.9-time longer durability against abrasions compared to normal mild steel. The shape of the skip is specifically designed to optimise its volume capacity reaching up to 6000L in the 120TW 180-degree Swivel option and an outstanding 8300L in the D12 High-Volume fix rear tipping solution.

The 120TW Swivel 12 tonne Dump Truck model is also equipped with the unique 3 View Drive positions platform, which allows the machine to be driven facing forwards, backwards or sideways. The driving console and control panel can be rotated thanks to a hydraulic system fitted on the operator seat and turned based on the direction of the view and travel. This solution guarantees the highest safety standard while increasing the operational efficiency with the operator having a consistent and unrestricted view during each operation phase, whilst facing the skip and the working area to ensure that material can be precisely distributed also when tipping sideways along trenches.

As per standard configuration the D’Avino Dump Truck Range offers a bulletproof Power train line with TierIIIA Perkins engine (83kw/113hp) driving a Sauer Danfoss Automotive Hydrostatic Transmission delivering a maximum speed of 35km/h. The Range is also offered with a Deutz TCD 3.6L Tier IIIB Engine – DPF (90 Kw/121 Hp) and a Perkins StageV Engine – DPF and SCR (90kW/121hp) as optional engine configuration.

The hydrostatic transmission offers four forward and reverse speeds, two mechanical ‘shift on stand’ and two hydraulic ‘shift on the go’ for delivering maximum efficiency and flexibility during work phases and transfers along jobsites.

The D’Avino Range is fitted with reinforced Comer Axles and the steering features planetary reduction gears on wheel hubs.

Hydraulic oil bath multi-disc brakes ensure excellent stopping ability meeting the highest safety requirements. Underneath the machine all the major drive components are fully shielded by heavy duty protection plates.

D12 High Volume model also features removable over cab protection extension as found on larger quarry dump trucks to protect the operator and cabin from falling material and damage from the excavator bucket.

In line with the latest safety standard requested by the industry and T1 projects, the D’Avino 12 tonne Dump Trucks Range is designed with a fully enclosed ROPS/ FOPS II cab featuring an automotive air conditioning system with six adjustable air vents located in the roof to support operator comfort even in the warmest conditions.

All the main functions are controlled and operated through a single hydraulic pilot joystick allowing the operator to always keep a hand on the steering wheel. The cab is also equipped with a Grammer air suspension seat with adjustable armrests installed as standard configuration. The steering wheel and the control column are also adjustable in both reach and height for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Included in the Dump Trucks Range, D’Avino offers a 6 tonne Swivel articulated dumper delivering the same quality standards, robustness and reliability of the bigger models. Equipped with a ‘Hardox’ body with a heaped capacity of 3400L, the DS60 Plus is an all-around tough quality dumper solution for landscaper and residential construction projects where a cost-effective and easy to maintain machine is needed. The DS60 Plus is fitted with a Yanmar Tier IIIA engine and a Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic transmission with two gears and a maximum speed of 30km/h while, thanks to its compact design, it delivers enhanced stability and manoeuvrability in rough terrain and constricted jobsites. The DS60 Plus is also equipped with a foldable ROPS structure to protect the operator and facilitate the transport phase during its relocation.

Nimac Pacific supports the D’Avino Group Range with a National Dealer Network and local Service and Aftermarket support in all the capital cities and major rural areas.

For more information visit www.nimacpacific.com.au

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