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D’avino D12 Dump Truck : High-volume Capacity And Impressive Manoeuvrability

Nimac Pacific’s local product portfolio has been growing of late, with the construction, agriculture and mining equipment specialists recently arrived D’Avino D12 high-volume, rear-tipping dump truck having garnered positive feedback due to its powerful performance, flexibility and eye-catching manoeuvrability.

Italian manufacturer D’Avino draws on over seven decades of experience, with its range not only built to last and to tackle demanding applications, but also designed to cater to a variety of operator needs, with Nimac having introduced several D’Avino machines decked out to thrive in local conditions.

Among Nimac’s line-up, the versatile D12 is designed to deliver improved productivity and to thrive in extreme environments, with Nimac advising that it has up to a 35 per cent improved volume capacity compared to other machines in the same category.

In this respect, the D12 – developed in line with D’Avino’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control processes – is raring to go in local conditions, bringing together a range of features that allow it to power on through when the going gets tough.

The D12 weighs in at 6,170 kg (unladen weight) and has a maximum load capacity of 12,000 kg (SAE heaped capacity: 8,300 L; struck capacity: 6,700 L), with it running an 83 kW Perkins 1104 TA Tier IIIA engine, and capable of a maximum driving speed of 35 km/h.

As described to EEM by Adam Lowe, from earthmoving and excavation contractor Adam Lowe Earthmoving on the NSW Central Coast, earlier in the year – who has put the D12 to use across a range of sites – the machine’s manoeuvrability is one of its standout features.

“The maximum manoeuvrability delivered from the four-wheel steering is nothing short of impressive,” he commented. “The 5.42 m-long D12 can turn on a dime – well, not quite, but when you see a turning circle for a machine of its size, it’s close enough.”

The following are some of the D12’s key features:
• High-performance drivetrain – the four-speed, 4WD automotive hydrostatic transmission provides high torque and power output with constant traction to the wheels during speed shift, allowing the D12 to safely operate to a maximum gradient of 40 per cent with a full load. In addition to this, the inching control assists the operator to complete tasks with maximum precision, while the front swivel axle and the differentials lock system enable maximum traction and grip with any ground condition
• Double steering axle and rigid chassis – the four wheels/three-mode steering system increases manoeuvrability in confined spaces, reducing the turning radius by 25 per cent compared to conventional articulated machines in the same category. The system also includes “crab steering mode”, allowing the operator to safely approach trenches and working areas on a single manoeuvre
• Enclosed cabin – the wide enclosed cabin is designed to meet FOPS II and ROPS standards, while the automotive air conditioning system and suspended seat provide the operator a comfortable and safe environment. The all-around wide surface of the windows offers enhanced levels of visibility
• Certified Hardox body – the high-volume body is manufactured using Hardox HB500 abrasion-resistant steel, which sets a new benchmark in the industry, while the optional bulkhead protection ensures operator safety in any condition

As noted by Nimac, providing a range of performance, robustness, and reliability benefits, D12 dump trucks have beenchosen as a partner for private and public expeditions in extreme environments all over the world.

It has been a busy year for Nimac, which – in addition to its strong focus on building its local product portfolio – has expanded its east coast dealer network, having partnered with both Gato and STM as Nimac Pacific dealers for the D’Avino range.

Gato – which has been operating in the NSW Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Mid-North Coast regions since 1992 – has been working in conjunction with Nimac to distribute Nimac’s range including D’Avino.

In addition to this, Nimac has teamed up with Sydney Trucks & Machinery (STM), covering the Sydney, South Coast and Canberra regions, with STM also offering a number of D’Avino models, including the D12.

Family-owned-and-operated STM draws on over 35 years of experience and has long been assisting businesses of all sizes with their machinery needs, with its sales team focused on providing comprehensive client support and helping businesses get the best from their budget.

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