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Customers benefit from nationwide expertise

 Words / Cameron Waters – For Earthmoving Equipment Magazine

Position Partners is the only positioning solutions provider in Australia with branches in every state and territory. For its customers, this means truly national support and the ability to draw from expertise around the country and deliver the best results across any application.

“Position Partners employs more than 100 technical and product specialists, who are all available to assist customers whenever and wherever they’re needed,” Martin Nix, Position Partners CEO said.

“Delivering the highest standard of support, training and advice is of paramount importance to minimise downtime for our customers. Through the development of Tokara, which enables Position Partners technicians to provide remote support for wherever they’re working, along with a shared pool of knowledge across a wide range of applications and technologies, our support services are uniquely national,” he added.

Installations that excel

A recent example of sharing expertise includes installing Topcon Millimeter GPS (mmGPS) on a Gomaco 3400 trimmer for Dowsing, a Perth-based company that specialises in civil works, concreting and slip form paving.

Gary Campbell, Position Partners NSW Field Services Manager, has extensive experience installing Topcon mmGPS on similar machines in New South Wales. He and his team installed the first ever mmGPS system on a Gomaco Commander III in Australia in 2012 for Sydney-based JK Williams, along with a number of other kerbing and slipform paving systems since.

When researching the best system for its needs, Dowsing contacted JK Williams who recommended the Topcon solution and the support and nationwide expertise of Position Partners. To ensure Dowsing was up and running with the technology as quickly as possible, Position Partners’ Perth team enlisted the expertise of Gary from Sydney to assist with installation and product training.

“There are some unique components and processes when it comes to making a steered or concrete machine work in perfect harmony with the machine control technology,” Gary explained.

Gary flew to Perth to assist Position Partners’ WA team. “It was a great opportunity to share my experience with the Perth team – it’s a perfect example of how we pool our knowledge around the country to ensure customers get the best experience and support.”

Darren Genders is another Position Partners machine control expert who has worked in a number of regions to assist with machine installations.

“When I first joined the company working in the Darwin branch, I was on the receiving end of shared interstate knowledge, as technicians from the Brisbane office would fly up to help me learn,” he said.

Last year, Darren moved back to his home state of Tasmania and now works with David McCarthy for Position Partners’ Launceston branch. “We’re now able to complete most of the installations between us, although installers from our Melbourne branches are always on-hand to help when we get really busy,” he said.

When the NSW team was faced with 22 installations at the same time, Darren flew to Sydney to help complete the work. “I like working for a company where people’s skills are shared and drawn upon when needed,” he added.

Emerging technologies

Newer technologies such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and 3D laser scanning solutions require expertise to ensure customers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maximise the benefits for their applications.

“Often our customers for these emerging technologies need to learn to apply the science of these highly productive new methods to their particular application,” Mr Nix explained. “An architect using a 3D scanner and a farmer using an RPAS will have different needs, so our team supports them with tailored product training and software to streamline their workflow.”

Alan Bullock is Position Partners’ technical expert for emerging technologies. Supporting the national product managers for RPAS and 3D laser scanning, Alan has an in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software solutions available for a wide range of applications. He assists customers with the on-boarding of this new technology and works closely with product manufacturers and software developers to adapt systems for various applications.

Developing local solutions

Eddie Littler has more than 20 years of experience with Topcon survey, laser and machine control technology. As Position Partners National Technology Manager, Eddie works closely with Topcon’s research and development team to ensure that all products released into the Australian market are suited to local industry.

In addition to sourcing and supporting leading technology from manufacturers and software developers worldwide, Position Partners complements technology systems with a range of partnering services for start-to-finish project solutions.

AllDayRTK is a national RTK network that comprises government-run and privately owned Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) infrastructure. As Australia’s most reliable CORS network service, AllDayRTK offers consistent positioning and site-wide coverage wherever customers are working.

Tokara is a Position Partners developed service that enables remote support for Topcon survey and machine control systems, remote transfer of design files from the office to on-site machines and connection to the AllDayRTK network service.

Position Partners Campus is the company’s dedicated training division, which offers a range of focused, hands-on courses across all technology types. Machine control operator courses, fast-track RPAS certification, laser safety officer training and CAD software modules are examples of the diversity of courses provided, with tailored options available on request.

“Our team excels at finding the workflow solution, not just the product,” Mr Nix added. “All our systems and services are backed by industry-leading support services to ensure customers maximise the productivity gains for their application.

“Our national product managers and technology experts are tapped into the latest industry developments in their area,” he added. “In addition to sourcing the right solutions for the Australian market, they often enable connections between different platforms when a customer has a particular need that cannot be met with a single ‘off the shelf’ solution.”

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