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Comprehensive wellpoint dewatering services


In the demanding world of construction, effective dewatering programs and groundwater management are crucial for maintaining project timelines and ensuring safety on site.

Pinnacle Hire offers an all-encompassing service package for wellpoint dewatering, which includes the complete supply, installation and maintenance of the system, designed to tackle the challenges of diverse and complex site conditions.

The business specialises in the complete supply, installation and maintenance of wellpoint dewatering systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of each construction project.

This comprehensive service ensures a seamless integration of dewatering into project lifecycles, from planning through to execution and post-installation monitoring.

Key components of their wellpoint dewatering services include:

BBA PT150 diesel drive piston pumps:

Known for their robust performance and exceptional reliability, these pumps are integral to maintaining low groundwater levels efficiently, with very low fuel consumption, thereby ensuring economic and environmental benefits.

Monitoring, recording and reporting water effluent:

Pinnacle Hire provides detailed monitoring and reporting of water effluent, which is crucial for environmental compliance and project reporting. This service ensures that all water removed from the site meets or exceeds safety and environmental standards.

Chemical dosing units for pH correction:

Available chemical dosing units can adjust the pH of effluent water, which is particularly important in areas with strict environmental discharge regulations. This ensures that the water returned to the environment, whether to stormwater systems or trade waste facilities, is safe and non-pollutive.

Turnkey water treatment solutions:

Pinnacle Hire extends its chemical dosing units with comprehensive turnkey water treatment solutions to address a broader range of environmental concerns:

  • Applications:
  1. Acid sulphate soils – pH adjustment: Tailored solutions for neutralising acidity in soils, utilising lime dosing and sodium hydroxide
  2. Suspended solids removal: Techniques to clear water of particulates, enhancing clarity and quality.
  3. Heavy metals removal: Methods to extract hazardous metals from water, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.
  4. Hydrocarbon removal: Processes designed to eliminate oils and fuels from water, crucial for sites at risk of contamination.
  5. PFAS removal: Advanced treatment for removing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances from groundwater.
  • Range:
  1. Sediment tanks: Used to settle out particulates from water, effectively reducing turbidity.
  2. Sand traps: Capture sand and finer particles before water treatment or discharge.
  3. Chemical dosing units: Equip sites with necessary reagents for chemical treatment processes.
  4. Media filtration plants: Sophisticated systems that use media layers to remove contaminants from water.
  5. Water quality and ground water monitoring: Continuous monitoring systems to ensure ongoing compliance with environmental standards.

The wellpoint jetting rig:
A paradigm of safety and efficiency

The Pinnacle Hire jetting rig is specifically designed to enhance safety and efficiency on construction sites.

By addressing and eliminating common risks associated with wellpoint installation, this rig ensures a safer working environment for all personnel.

Safety features include:

Hand jetting with 4-6m lance: The design minimises manual handling risks associated with operating a lance above head height, which traditionally involves managing pressures of at least 400kpa and the weight of water.

Excavator mounted jetting tube: This feature significantly reduces the risk associated with working under suspended loads, a common hazard in traditional dewatering setups.

Safe operation around energised sources: Operating at 600Kpa, the jetting rig is designed to work safely around energized sources, enhancing operational safety.

By integrating these advanced tools and methods, Pinnacle Hire not only provides effective dewatering solutions but also prioritises the safety and efficiency of construction operations.

This comprehensive approach to wellpoint dewatering ensures that construction sites remain dry, safe and compliant with environmental regulations, thereby supporting the successful completion of projects across various sectors.

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