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Compact, Trailer-Mounted Mobile Watercart


Construction sites with a narrow or complex layout may present a challenge in getting equipment on site. Smaller sites may have issues with storing equipment while waiting for deployment.

Situations like these that prompted TWS Hire to introduce a watercart option that enables site managers to comply with dust suppression or road cleaning regulations or general water supply, without the need to hire a full size watercart.

“Now you don’t have to hire equipment that that may be larger than necessary for a water supply task, regardless of how small the work site may be. Apart from the cost factor, equipment that is larger than needed for a job takes up too much space and in doing so, introduces inefficiency that is counter-productive to the contractor’s task”, said TWS Hire’s Bill Bastian.

The towable watercart is equipped with a 1,000 litre capacity tank and the same high performance Honda pump as supplied on all TWS Hire watercarts. The trailer is slightly wider than a car or utility, making it ideal for applications such as smaller landscape construction projects accessed by narrow driveways, or other sites that may present an access challenge for larger vehicles.


Multiple garden hose connections
Cost effective

“We have customers who find it difficult justify the full cost of hiring a full-sized 4,500 litre capacity watercart. For these smaller sites, a trailer-mounted system is ideal for their project and the lower cost of equipment rental enables them to optimise their profit.

“Space is also an issue on occasions and the smaller footprint of a trailer on a construction site can be a real bonus in terms of space sharing with other vehicles. The trailer can be parked out of the way and simply attached to any vehicle with a tow bar when water is needed on the site.

Easy to get onto a site
Fully equipped

The high-performance Honda is sufficiently powerful to enable up to 10 garden hoses to be simultaneously fed from the tank, while two independently operated rear-mounted fan sprays may be activated individually or in unison.

The unit is also ideal for connecting pressure cleaners as the pump is equipped with a recycling system that keeps water circulating through the pump even when a washer is being used intermittently.

Trailers may be towed by any vehicle with a standard tow-hitch and are equipped with override brakes that don’t require any ancillary braking system from the tow vehicle.

Safety and regulatory compliance

The trailers are fully road registered in New South Wales at two tonnes and are worksite safety compliant, fitted with LED lights, reflective taping and a tested fire extinguisher. Full insurance and compliance certification is provided, along with risk assessment documentation.

Bill Bastian said the addition of this equipment cements TWS Hire’s reputation as a comprehensive hire of water delivery solutions”, “We now have watercarts all in all capacities to meet every known construction industry and landscape or water application.

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