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Clark Equipment & Next-Generation Doosan DL420-7M Wheel Loader

Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor Clark Equipment has expanded its line-up of Doosan wheel loaders, bringing the next-generation DL-7M series to the local market, with the newly arrived DL420-7M loader not only decked out to deliver power and productivity, but also sporting a range of intelligent and innovative features.

As Doosan advises, the DL420-7M draws on the strong heritage of previous loader generations, building on the key features of predecessor models, paving the way for efficient operations and improved performance, with it primed to tackle a range of demanding applications across variable work conditions.

Meanwhile, its intelligent components are designed to deliver enhanced functionality, with simple and intuitive features helping operators get the job done efficiently and effectively, while operational data can be harnessed to undertake targeted maintenance and cut machine downtime.

Weighing in at an operating weight of 22.75 t, the DL420-7M is a workhorse that has been designed to go the long haul, with it balancing operating comfort with a robust and resilient design, allowing it to thrive in tough work environments.

The DL420-7M runs a Scania DC13 engine paired with an electronic powershift transmission (manual and automatic modes), with its loadsensing hydraulic system designed to produce flow and pressure for the implement system only when needed, improving productivity and lowering fuel consumption.

In addition to this, a breakout force of 198 kN, complemented by high traction power across a range of working conditions, enables easier operations in demanding environments, allowing operators to handle the hardest of materials.

Other notable features include:
• Z kinetics – the Z lifting geometry is designed for heavy loads, with few moving parts contributing to stability, enabling rapid bucket movements and ensuring correct angle positioning in all situations.
• Better weight distribution – a heavier standard counterweight structure stably controls the enlarged bucket (bucket capacity of 3.9 – 7 m³).
• Situation awareness technology – automatically monitors the machine’s operation, analysing operative data to adjust the engine’s output, attaining maximum fuel efficiency.
• Limited-slip differentials – fitted at the front and rear automatically ensure maximum tractive effort and easy driving over soft and muddy ground, preventing excessive tire wear.

In addition to this, the DL420-7M can be used with a range of durable attachments, providing operators flexibility in undertaking a variety of tasks.

Operator comfort is a key feature of the DL420-7M, which features a spacious cab equipped with an ergonomically redesigned brake pedal and non-slip floor mat, along with a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

The cab is designed to deliver all-around visibility, with it sporting an enlarged front windshield and panoramic cabin windows, complemented by adjustable seating (optional air-suspension seat), delivering a safe and comfortable work environment.

In addition to this, a central gauge panel puts essential information in front of the operator, providing an overview of the machine status, and a switch panel/keypad allows for convenient operation, while a thumbwheel joystick delivers united and intuitive control.

The DL420-7M is decked out to deliver durability across its various components, with it sporting a robust frame design which provides solidity, with Doosan advising that countless tests have proven it can cope with the most demanding work environments.

When it comes to maintenance, the DL420-7M has been designed for quick and convenient checks, with many of its components accessible from the outside and from ground level, enabling it to keep going over the long haul with a minimum of fuss.

Meanwhile, the DoosanCONNECT service provides operational data in an hourly cycle – including fuel consumption data, error code and parts replacement interval information – paving the way for operators to carry out preparatory checks anytime and anywhere.

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