CJD Launches New Volvo Compact Excavators


ECR50D poised to be hot favourite in CJD stable.

Volvo’s D Series range of compact excavators has officially landed in Australia, with CJD Equipment receiving the first of the machines in early October. With powerful, fuel-efficient Volvo engines, perfectly matched hydraulic systems and robust bodies, the new excavators offer remarkable productivity, stability and ease-of-use.

Among the new range is the much anticipated 5 tonne ECR50D reduced swing model. With superior digging performance in its class, high lifting capabilities, and leading breakout and tearout forces the ECR50D is set to be the favourite in CJD Equipment’s new compact excavator family.

The Volvo ECR50D is a powerful machine that is ideal for site preparation, construction landscaping and utility operators. Featuring a premium 31.2kW Volvo D2.6A engine and an advanced hydraulic system, the ECR50D provides fast and powerful response with smooth operation. The maximum breakout force is 36.12kN while the maximum tearout force is 25.93kN, ensuring excellent performance even in the toughest applications.

The ECR50D’s new digging equipment, including an enhanced boom and attachment geometry, permits an increased working range, for greater productivity. The maximum digging reach is 6.29m on the long arm and 5.91m on the short arm. The blade, with float, makes it perfect for ground levelling, grading and back filling on job sites.

With its 5.0t weight, this machine effectively handles heavy loads with greater stability, balance and control. Tractive force has also improved by 3.3 per cent. For optimised travel speed and traction, the automatic two-speed travel function allows the operator to continually drive the machine at high speed. When more force is needed, speed is automatically reduced.




Not only is the ECR50D excavator a powerful performance machine, it is also highly efficient. With state-of-the-art technology including Volvo’s unique ECO mode and load-sensing hydraulics, the ECR50D delivers low fuel consumption with high digging power and fast cycle times. The ECO mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent without any loss of performance in most operating conditions, while the load-sensing hydraulics supply power only when required.

This also ensures smooth operation and precise control of the equipment.

The efficiency of the ECR50D is further enhanced by the automatic idling system and automatic engine shut down function, which reduces engine speed and shuts the engine down, when the controls or machine have been inactive for a pre-set amount of time.

These features help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and noise.


Comfortable operator environment naturally delivers higher productivity. The industry leading Volvo ROPS, TOPS and FOPS air-conditioned cab boasts all-round visibility from large expanses of glass, ergonomically positioned controls and switches, excellent noise insulation, as well as superior leg and head room. The seat and consoles are mounted on the same suspension and therefore, move together, providing excellent shock and vibration absorption for a smooth ride. The multi-adjustable seat with ergonomic armrests also includes a height alteration function for greater comfort and visibility.

The controls are easy to operate, with simultaneous boom offset movement and fingertip control of the slew that delivers easy and fast machine positioning with outstanding control and comfort. Slewing is controlled by the left-hand lever while offset movement is controlled by an electro-proportional roller on the right-hand lever.

The cab is safe and easy to access, thanks to the wide-opening door, anti-slip step and three-point safety grip system.

To further increase operator comfort when entering or exiting the cab, the console tilts backwards. The ECR50D also includes an optional antitheft system. To reduce the risk of theft, a code must be entered through the keypad to start the machine. This code can be changed or disabled via the machine management system.




The inherent productivity of the Volvo ECR50D is not only due to the comfortable operator environment, but also to the market-leading serviceability, ensuring maximum uptime. The side position of the engine, together with the two gas-strut assisted and wide-opening hoods, ensures safe and easy access to all components and service check points from ground level. Check points, including the engine oil and air filter (with a service interval of up to 500 hours), coolant level and fuel filtration check are all grouped, allowing regular maintenance checks to be carried out faster. Should the ECR50D require any more attention than a routine service check, CJD Equipment is able to supply a whole range of customer solutions – from genuine Volvo parts to advanced machine monitoring technology – for reduced total cost of ownership and increased profitability throughout the entire life of the machine.

Volvo’s patented, multifunctional hydraulic oil filter, filtration occurs when the tank is filled or topped up and before the oil returns via the drain lines. The transparent bowl enables easy oil level checks and permits early detection of contamination – allowing preventative maintenance to be carried out before damage occurs.


With two factory fitted auxiliary hydraulic circuits the ERC50D is also able to be fitted with a selection of perfectly-matched attachments, increasing its productivity further still. Using the keypad controls inside the cab, the operator can easily adjust the auxiliary hydraulic flows and benefit from the correct speed and power for optimal attachment operation. The keypad has four pre-programmed, adjustable settings that can be customised to match attachment and individual needs. The operator can also adjust the direction and amount of hydraulic flow using a fingertip roller control, simplifying operation. There are no auxiliary foot pedals, increasing leg room in the cab. Maximum flow can be sent to the attachment by pressing a button on the joystick.

By simply pressing the hydraulic quick coupler switch, the operator can easily change tasks and swap attachments without leaving the cab. This quick and efficient system increases versatility and productivity while also meeting the latest safety regulations. Meanwhile, Volvo’s dedicated quick couplers pick up Volvo hydraulic attachments including breakers, thumbs and buckets for use in both the face shovel and normal backhoe position. With functions and properties ideally matched, the excavator and attachment form a solid, reliable unit, delivering maximum productivity, profitability and safety.


CJD’s relationship with Volvo extends more than 23 years. This strategic partnership provides businesses throughout Australia with access to Volvo’s ever expanding line of construction equipment, with machines and features designed specifically to cater to the requirements of each particular industry segment.

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