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Circle of trust: City Circle Group and CJD Equipment

City Circle Group (CCG) focuses on fast-moving, large format projects across the greater Melbourne area. The EEM team recently had the opportunity visit CCG to learn more about the business. As an added bonus, the team’s new Volvo EC750DL excavator was on-site ripping into some serious concrete removal.


Towering over the old Holden manufacturing site in Port Melbourne, City Circle Group’s (CCG) 75-tonne Volvo excavator is a sight to behold in the morning light, as it uses its brute 325kN breakout force and 11.5m reach to break up and lift out an old slab.

(L-R) CCG Construction Manager Jesse Campbell, CCG Commercial Manager Tim Skidmore, and CJD Equipment’s Matt Kozole.
(L-R) CCG Construction Manager Jesse Campbell, CCG Commercial Manager Tim Skidmore, and CJD Equipment’s Matt Kozole.

A family-owned and run construction and demolition business, CCG has serviced the greater Melbourne area since 1981. This powerful excavator is the latest addition to their fleet of Volvo machines.

Construction Manager Jesse Campbell has been with CCG for six years. He was originally working as a builder in general construction, when the opportunity to join CCG came along. Then – as it is today – the business was heavily involved in government civil infrastructure projects, something Jesse was extremely interested in. Neither Jesse nor CCG have looked back since.

Jesse says CCG’s fleet of Volvo excavators are all in the 30-tonne and above range.

The Volvo EC750DL features 326kN of breakout power.

“Our Volvo excavator fleet is structured to complement our work, which is focused on large format projects, which generate products we can repurpose or recycle, such as steel and concrete,” he says.

“I personally enjoy rail occupations and bridge demos. These fast-paced projects, require problem solving and technical know-how to produce timely, successful, and safe results for our clients. And I enjoy seeing the hard work and exceptional capabilities of our crew.

“Our Volvo fleet, and support from CJD Equipment, has had a lot to do with these results due to their reliability and durability.”

Family tried and tested

The Volvo EC750DL
boasts 11.5m of reach.

For Commercial Manager Tim Skidmore, it’s a family affair at CCG, which has been owned and operated by the Skidmore

family since the beginning, and Tim has had the opportunity to watch the growth of the business ramp up over the years.

“When Director Peter Skidmore first started the business doing rubbish removal, he would have to borrow his brothers’ truck,” he says. “The first machine Peter bought for himself was a skid steer with a backhoe attachment.”

In recent years, the company has purchased five, 30-tonne plus Volvo excavators from CJD Equipment. CCG has come a long way since then.

The Volvo fleet

According to Tim, the continual advancement of excavator attachments is an important part of the construction industry to watch.

“Anyone in our space will tell you there’s tools that we probably couldn’t live without, that weren’t around just 5 or 10 years ago,” he says. “For us, we are always going to invest in equipment and attachments that allow us to run large gear to help us to pull buildings down quicker and remove concrete more efficiently.”

CCG is undertaking works at the old Holden manufacturing site in Port Melbourne.

With requirements for attachments such as large hammers and shears, Volvo excavators have proven to be the perfect choice for ripping, tearing, and biting through the concrete and steel demolition jobs that make up a big part of the CCG team’s workload.

Jesse says these machines have been ticking all the boxes for the business.

“Our management loves the Volvos because they are so reliable, durable, and fuel-efficient, while our operators love the size and comfort of the cab,” he says. “It’s a great space to work in – from the low noise and vibration, down to the precision controls and impressive features.

“And of course, the substantial power and breakout means our guys can achieve impressive workloads each day without breaking a sweat. Even on the hottest and coldest days, the Volvos are a joy to sit and work in.”

A trusted relationship

Tim says the CCG team likes to keep up-to-date with its machines by replacing them on a periodic cycle.

Matthew Kozole is the Regional Sales Manager in Melbourne’s Northeast & Metro for CJD Equipment, and recently sold CCG its 75-tonne Volvo EC750DL crawler excavator.

Tim says CCG has had a very successful and long-standing relationship with CJD Equipment, and Matt has made a positive impression with the CCG team.

“Matt has been very helpful and thorough with our latest purchase,” Tim says. “We couldn’t be happier with our experience with him and CJD Equipment – as well as this huge EC750D machine.

“A lot of businesses out there are looking for big growth, but we are focusing more on maintaining our market share. Working with Matt and the CJD Equipment team to replace machinery on a periodic cycle will both help us achieve this while retaining our talented staff, who really enjoy operating these Volvo machines.”

Matt says there are several features to the EC750DL excavator that really stood out for the CCG team.

CCG’s operators are impressed
with the Volvo machines.

“The fuel efficiency and the sheer power of this machine is something that really appealed to Tim,” Matt says. “Given the size of attachments they run, CCG needed significant hydraulic pressure and grunt to run them. It was all about completing jobs ahead of schedule and keeping maintenance costs down – and these are all the strengths of the EC750D.”

Watching the EC750DL break up large, thick sections of concrete with ease, it’s clear to see why CCG was impressed with the excavator.

Knowing that backup support from the CJD Equipment team is always just a phone call away, CCG can enjoy the freedom and peace-of-mind to focus on what they do best: high-quality, fast turnaround, large format demolition projects.


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