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CEA introduces new apprenticeship program

Students in attendance at the CEA Apprentice Program

Construction equipment provider CEA is seeking expressions of interest for a new initiative to help train and upskill the next generation of Australian technicians to support the industries of the future.

The CEA Apprentice Program is aimed at providing apprentices with the skills, training, and knowledge they need to become qualified technicians. The program currently has 21 first trade apprentices, three qualified technicians carrying out dual-trade apprenticeships, four parts interpreter trainees, and one school-based Diesel Mobile Plant Mechanic trainee, all of whom are based across the company’s five national branches.

Managed by the National Technical Training Manager Daniel Giorgetti, with the support of branch managers and leadership teams, the program offers additional training to complement the TAFE training supplied as part of the cert III requirements.

With a strong focus on safety, the program aims to instil the correct culture and relationship towards safety from day one. Structured training has commenced as of January 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for the apprentices.

“After months of planning, we are pleased to have commenced the first round of training, the initial response from all the participating apprentices has been positive,” Giorgetti said. “They are highly engaged in the program, and we can see that they are grateful for the focus the company is putting on them to give them the best possible chance at a successful and safe career.”

One key benefit of the CEA Apprentice Program is that it offers apprentices the opportunity to be trained in a skilled and safety-conscious manner. This not only benefits the business but also sets the apprentices on a trajectory towards a successful career with numerous opportunities for growth and development. Investing in their training and showing commitment to their learning will also help retain them once they become qualified.

Furthermore, the program does not end once the apprenticeship is complete. CEA offers a yearly calendar of ongoing training across the extensive range of products available through the business to ensure all employees are kept up to date with the latest products and can better themselves through furthering their knowledge and skill set.

For more information, or to express your interest, visit: www.cea.net.au/apprenticeship-expression-of-interest/

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