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CCF Vic : make sure you are finding the right people for your business

CCF Victoria is connecting employers and employees faster.

In light of the recently announced Victorian Budget this month, state and federal infrastructure investment has never been higher.

With a $16.6 billion spend in 2020/2021 and $19.5 billion in 2023/2024 by the Victorian Government on civil infrastructure projects, the talent pipeline will be essential.

In the last edition of EEM, we asked you the question: “Is your business equipped for the 2022 forward works plan across Victoria?” and in doing so alerted you to the three most important areas where you need to be proactive and develop people strategies to ensure you are adequately prepared, which were:

  1. Attraction – Where is your talent pipeline going to come from? Social procurement?
  2. Building Capability and Capacity – What flex do you have within your current workforce to build capacity and capability? What do you need to acquire and then build?
  3. Retention (both People and Knowledge) – How do you retain your people and organisational knowledge in this competitive talent market?

These three areas are essential to making sure you have the right people and skills to meet future infrastructure demands, and CCF Victoria is there to help make sure the pool of skilled workers continues to grow with world-class training and apprenticeship programs in place.

However, while we help to build the next generation of civil workers over the coming decade, CCF have also been looking at how we can assist our members (and the wider civil industry) seek and find the best people to join their company now to take on existing projects and opportunities that are available across the State.

Therefore, CCF Victoria are proud to announce our newest service to the industry to help civil construction businesses find the right people for their current operational needs with the CCF “Civil Jobs Board”.

This new online service is scheduled to go live in July 2022, and will allow civil companies the opportunity to promote available jobs within their own businesses to the very people they are looking for. Think of it as “SEEK for Civil”.

The Civil Job Board is a quick and easy-to-use service which allows civil construction businesses the opportunity to post any available jobs/roles they are seeking to fill via the CCF Victoria website. This includes all details around the position including duties, necessary qualifications/skills, remuneration, location, hours required etc.

This will then be seen by anyone looking for work in the industry and offer them the opportunity to apply with a CV and covering letter.

It essentially provides direct channel between employers and potential employees within the industry. Whether you are a business owner looking to fill a position or a skilled civil worker looking for a new opportunity, we encourage you to check out this exciting new service.

Any questions or for more information, please contact CCF Victoria on (03) 9588 7600.

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