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Caterpillar’s Small Dozers CAT® D1, D2 & D3 Nextgen !

Power And Performance To Get The Job Done

Whether you are moving material or finish grading, smaller Cat® dozers are versatile construction workhorses.

Made in the USA, these Cat® dozers are quick to move from site to site, and with the right combination of speed, power and accuracy are a valuable work tool on many jobsites. This Next Generation of smaller Cat dozers maintains world-class dozing performance but with new names and enhanced features.

New Names, Same World Class Performance

The new Cat D1, D2, D3 Next Generation dozers replace the successful D3K2, D4K2, D5K2 series Cat dozers and complement the recently announced nomenclature change in the D4 replacing the D6K2.

The nomenclature change is consistent with recent changes in the Cat dozer product line, which are being renamed from smallest to largest – D1 to D11 and with no letter modifiers like “N”, “K”, or “T”.

Additionally, the “XL” modifier will no longer be used. A configuration identifier in “LGP” for Low Ground Pressure speciality applications will be maintained but not as part of any model nomenclature. These new Cat® dozer model names will allow customers to quickly recall the size of each new dozer and the place it fits in the total model line-up from Cat D1 to D11 in terms of power and capability.

Beyond new model names, the next big change with the new Cat D1, D2 and D3 line-up is their new look. In addition to wearing the new Cat Modern Hex design, these dozers also feature styling changes for improved visibility.

“Visibility was a primary improvement in the Next Generation Cat D1, D2 and D3 dozers,” says Tracey. The lower, steeper sloping hood line provides improved visibility in the peripheral vision area and corners of blade, which remain to be key line of sight for operators.

The redesigned hood provides 30 percent more visibility both over the hood to the blade and to the operator’s peripheral views,” said Caterpillar. Enhanced  visibility to the dozer blade and jobsite surroundings results in increased productivity as well as jobsite safety.

“The lower hood design was made possible by the new Cat C3.6 engine that provides quite a bit of space savings through its more compact packaging and with some rearranging of engine components by Caterpillar engineers,” says Tracey. Though Caterpillar has switched from its C4.4 engine to the new C3.6 engine, on the new Cat D1, D2 and D3s, they retain the horsepower ratings of the machines they replace. The D1 remains at 80hp, the D2 at 92hp, and the D3 at 104hp. The D4 retains the C4.4 twin turbo engine at 130 hp. “Thanks to the new engine the new Cat small dozers can deliver fuel savings of up to 10 per cent,” says Tracey. Both fuel and power management improvements using adaptive controls contribute to increased machine productivity and at the same time offer improved fuel economy. “The new Cat D1, D2 and D3 models offer a choice of engine emissions technologies to meet the customer’s business conditions,” says Tracey.

The new Cat D1, D2 and D3 small dozers enhanced features were designed with the customer in mind. Caterpillar put a lot of time and effort into the cab design. “That’s where the operator is going to live for eight hours or more a day and we want them to be safe and comfortable,” says Tracey. The spacious and comfortable cab features an optional heated and ventilated seat, along with heated joystick controls to make the operator comfortable regardless of the conditions outside. An optional larger 10-inch (254mm) touch screen display provides the operator with easy access to several technology features. “We came up with an easier user interface that’s consistent across all of our tractor lines.” The large reversing camera gives the operator better visibility to the job site as well as less fatigue at the end of the day. Additionally, the touch screen display provides the operator with slope indicate/slope assist information screens and a rear-view camera display (when ordered).

“These Next Generation Cat dozer models make it easier for operators to use these new features for grade control like Cat GRADE with Slope Assist™, and Cat GRADE 2D or 3D systems,” said Tracey. The blade control system offers the operator simple, intuitive control of the blade especially during finish grading that contributes to increased productivity. Cat GRADE with Slope Assist automatically maintains an operator selected blade position without an external station signal. Put it to work building pads, creating simple design plans on-the-go, or working where GPS is unavailable. Experienced operators can work more productively, and less experienced operators can achieve better quality results more quickly.

Cat GRADE with 3D is fully integrated in the dozer from factory and similar across the Cat dozer line-up through to the D6. It’s also attachment ready (ARO) for laser or UTS systems when GPS is not available. Stable Blade and Slope Indicate are also standard features from factory. “The Cat small dozers have the capability to scale up technology, and the flexibility to adapt different technology based on job site demands,” says Tracey.

Remote Service capability is also now available on the Cat range of smaller dozers via the Cat App. Features include Remote Flash, Remote Grade and Operator ID that can be managed from your smart device. “The App allows a customer to view equipment information including fleet location and hours, maintenance alerts, and request a service from a Cat dealer,” says Tracey.

Customers can access their equipment information 24/7 at their convenience.

Another convenience that has been included in the new Cat small dozer range is ground level access for servicing and maintenance. It’s now easier and safer for operators to access daily maintenance areas without the need to step up or climb on equipment. Additionally, there are new options available to further simplify service with a turbine-type engine precleaner, hinged radiator guard access and auto reversing fan to keep debris clear of cooling cores when in heavy debris or dusty environments.

The Cat small dozers range continues to offer a full line-up of specialty purpose-built machine configurations for unique applications. Specialty dozers include the Mulcher-Tractor designed for vegetation management, the Fire Plow Tractor designed for working in extreme exposed bush-fire conditions and the Ship Hold Tractor designed for bulk material handling operations when working in vessel cargo holds.

Since Caterpillar began making tractors with dozer blades 75 years ago to today, there’s one thing that remains true: Dozers are reliable machines that get a lot of tough jobs done.

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