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CAT® Expands Offering Of Articulated Truck

The introduction of the 740 GC Articulated Truck at the recent Cat® Load and Haul Event in Perth expands the offerings of the Cat articulated truck product line up. Caterpillar Product Specialist for Load and Haul products, Noel Sabandal, introduces the features and benefits of the new articulated truck.

“The Cat 740 GC reintroduces a traditional size class for Caterpillar with enhanced customer value. Building on the field-proven qualities from previous generations and existing models, this machine utilises innovative operator features in direct response to Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Dealer requests in key market segments,” Mr Sabandal says.

“The 740 GC provides a highly cost effective and efficient 40 tonnne (36.3 tonne) articulated truck aimed at general contractors where good performance and efficiency is required, at a lower cost of ownership,” he adds.

The new 740 GC has been designed to fit between the 35 and 45 tonne dump truck size classes. The 40 tonne offering delivers the most efficient configuration in its size class with a C15 engine and CX38B transmission, which optimises the powertrain to deliver lower owning and operating costs.

The 740 GC inherits the successful world class cab from the rest of the Articulated Truck product range, enhancing reliability, durability, performance and safety.

Consistent with the features found as standard on the most recent Cat articulated trucks in the product range, the following are available to 740 GC;

  • New Cab
  • Hill Start
  • Wait Brake
  • Economy Mode
  • Assisted Hoisting
  • Combined Hoist/Gear Lever
  • Directional Shift Protection
  • Cat Detect with Stability Assist (Rollover Warning System)
  • Automatic Retarder Control
  • Advanced Automatic Traction Control

Mr Sabandal says the Cat 740 GC also retains many of the field proven components from across the articulated truck range.

These include: the well tried and tested hitch design, differential lock system, rear suspension mounts and all axle wet brakes and 29.5 R25 tyres as standard.

The Cat C15 engine with ACERT technology is equipped with a combination of proven electronic, fuel, air and aftertreatment components. The right technologies fine-tuned for the right applications resulting in:

  • High machine performance across a variety of applications
  • Enhanced reliability through commonality and simplicity of design
  • Minimised impact of emission systems: designed to be transparent to the operator without requiring interaction
  • Durable designs with long life to overhaul
  • Delivering better fuel economy with minimised maintenance costs, while providing the same great power and response

740 GC Key Features And Benefits

The latest cab with many new features aimed at providing the operator with the easiest to use and most comfortable cab in the Articulated Truck market.

These features include:

  • In-cab noise at 72dB
  • All new operator seat
  • Combined hoist/transmission lever
  • Improved visibility
  • Full climate control system

“There is also a Cat Detect with Stability Assist feature that is introduced to help prevent machine rollovers. The system will audibly and visibly alert the operator when either tractor or trailer unit are approaching a potentially unsafe angle,” Sabandal says. “If there’s a possibility the truck may tip, the system will stop the dump process.”

Assisted automatic hoist provides the operator with intuitive controls for tipping or ejecting the load with the flick of one switch. In automatic mode the system neutralises the transmission, applies the waiting brake and hoists the body to the maximum angle at high rpm until it gets to the ‘soft stop’. The system lowers the body in the same manner and controls descent so there are no ‘body slams’. This reduces 50 per cent less steps for the operator over previously recommended tipping method.

“The 740 GC also features Cat’s Advanced Automatic Traction Control (AATC) that has been updated to further improve performance. The system now proactively and automatically changes the level of Inter-Axle and Cross-Axle differential lock engagement on the go, depending on terrain. This feature also avoids wheel spin by proactively applying differential locks,” Sabandal adds.

“In addition, the 740 GC also incorporates the latest Automatic Retarder-Control system, which requires no input from the operator, resulting in greater operating efficiency. For added control and convenience, the new model also features a ‘wait-brake’, which temporarily applies the service brakes during pauses in the work cycle, reducing operator effort and fatigue. Also, a hill-start system automatically holds the machine on grades, allowing the operator to move from the service brake to the throttle with no roll-back on slopes.”

Directional Shift Protection protects powertrain by bringing the machine to a stop when moving quickly from Forward to Reverse or Forward to Reverse direction. This eliminates directional shift loads in both upper and lower powertrain, contributing to powertrain components life longevity.

“For customers looking for fuel efficiency, Economy Mode can give an average of 5 per cent fuel consumption reduction on certain applications,” says Sabandal.

Cat Production Measurement is also an available option to enable accurate payload information for the operator, loader operator and for off-board machine performance analysis. The system helps to maximise every payload and therefore productivity, while minimising overloading and causing premature wear.

“The Cat 740 GC offers the reliability, durability and efficient performance, including the latest, world-class operator’s station found on other Cat Articulated Trucks. The 740GC offers a highly efficient customer value within the 40-Ton AT class,” Sabandal adds. “Discerning customers will realise that the automated, assisted and intuitive controls bring safety and ease of operation to the forefront – helping reduce operator workload and training.” Ideally matched to popular loading tools, the 740GC is a productive machine in any fleet.

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