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CAT® B Model hammers deliver durable and dependable performance

The Caterpillar range of Cat® B Model Hammers has been designed to deliver when it comes to durability and reliability, sporting a modern design which incorporates 30-40% fewer parts than previous models,meaning less chance of unscheduled repairs while also providing premium performance.

The low-maintenance Cat® B Model Hammers are compatible across the Cat range of Cat hydraulic excavators (1-10 t), skid steers, compact track loaders. These hammers are performance-matched to Cat machines, paving the way for operators to confidently tackle different applications.

This means the B model hammers deliver substantial operational benefits, as they are configured to deliver an efficient and effective balance between hammer power and productivity.

The B-series spans five separate hammer options, decked out for use with a range of carrier weights, with the choice of silenced and non-silienced models.

Caterpillar advises that the B model flat top/ top-mount style is suitable for all kinds of brackets and machine kinematics, while a largetop buffer reduces recoil force to the machine.

The B model silenced models, which sport a single-piece outer cover, are fully enclosed with urethane and nylon isolation mounts, designed to provide maximum sound reduction, with the mounts maintenance free, lasting the life of the hammer.

In addition to this, B model features include:
• Gas-fired design – configured to make it easy to both maintain (with minimal parts) and recharge the hammers
• Ergonomically positioned hydraulic lines – optimising serviceability, with the housing positioned to protect against force and dirt during impact
• Internal control valve – controlling smooth piston movement, factory set to deliver constant power and breaking force through the piston, while a simple design improves reliability
• Large piston – with a long stroke designed to deliver powerful impact force to material
• Precise powercell structure – the highspecification structure is designed to provide excellent overall reliability and durability

The B model has been designed and manufactured to Caterpillar’s strict standards, using many parts common across the wider Cat hammer range, with Caterpillar advising that this makes accessing repair or replacement parts easier, with parts readily available from its comprehensive parts network.

Caterpillar additionally advises that maintenance is made easy with onsite access to the charging, testing and greasing ports, all without needing to remove the hammer from the machine, or the requirement of removing the head bracket from the hammer.

Finally, the lower bushing design which is an area that is often costly to repair due to the need for specialized tooling has been made simpler with a slip-fit design that can be rotated 90 degrees for added life. Further this bushing can be removed and replaced in the field without the need for specialised tools.

Complementing the B model range, a Caterpillar-designed hydraulics kit is also included, providing the complete hammer package, with it featuring a nitrogen charging kit with charging hose, hammer paste, and tool retention and bushing retention spring pins.

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