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Cat 323 New Technology Sets Benchmark

The Cat® 323’s new technology sets benchmark for the excavator industry

Oliver Diprose, together with his two brothers, Tom and Will, own and operate Gradco, a third generation civil construction business based in Tasmania. Oliver shares his experience with his latest Cat® 323 Next Generation Excavator purchase.

“We have been operating for 62 years all over Tasmania in many sectors from road building, quarrying and all sorts of civil construction. We recently purchased the new Cat 323 and are using the machine on our civil sites. We are doing a lot of final trim work with it, batters, drains and a lot of detailed excavation and finishing work around our various sites,” says Mr Diprose.

“The thing that surprised us most about the Cat 323 was the operator station. The comfort levels within the cab, how quiet it was and how good it was to operate for our guys. They love operating the Cat excavators and the 323 in particular has taken this to a whole new level.

“In terms of maintenance, our mechanics and technicians love working on the Cat 323. It’s easy to climb onto with access to the right hand side of the machine, and all of the ground level checks make for safer and simpler maintenance. Everything is accessible, and it allows them to do their job a lot faster.”

Mr Diprose says, “We are using the technology in this 323 machine to its max. We are using ‘Payload’ a lot when loading tippers on road works jobs and we are using ‘Grade Assist’ when trimming batters to fine tolerances. The technology in this Cat 323 is making the machine very, very productive.

“The two standout safety features for me on the Cat 323 is the visibility from the cab – there is a lot more glass; that along with the camera system is just amazing,” he says. “Looking on the large monitor you can see people coming into your work area, or other machines or objects in the vicinity. Our guys love these two safety features.”

Mr Diprose advocates the Cat 323. He says, “For others considering a machine like this, we would definitely recommend they have a good look at the 323. We have enjoyed some good savings having this machine and the operators love it. You would be mad not to at least have a look

“We have a great relationship with our dealer, William Adams. They support us and our machines very, very well, and the Cat 323 is no exception. They have gone the extra mile sending people out, helping us train our people with the new technology – it’s been really good,” he adds with a smile.

The Cat 323 offers the industry’s highest level of factory fitted technology as standard.

Standard Cat Connect Technology

Onboard Cat Connect Technology gives you the edge. Operators of all experience levels will dig, load and grade with more confidence, speed and accuracy. The result? Better productivity and lower costs.

Standard, simple-to-use technologies include:

Standard Cat Grade With 2d Cat

Grade with 2D helps operators reach grade faster. Operators cut and fill to exact specifications without overcutting. No grade checkers are needed so the work area is safer.

Standard Cat Grade With Assist

Automated boom, stick and bucket movements deliver more accurate cuts with less effort. The operator simply sets the depth and slope into the monitor and activates single-lever digging.

Standard Cat Boom Assist

Stay grounded when you dig, lift, swing and load. Prevents the machine from lifting, ensuring the machine is stable.

Standard Cat Bucket Assist

Makes levelling much easier and consistent Maintains the angle of the bucket to the ground when the stick and/or boom are moved.

Standard Cat Swing Assist

Simplify your work cycle, use less effort and reduce fuel consumption. This feature automatically stops the swinging motion of the machine at a pre-set point.

Standard Cat Payload

Cat Payload technology delivers precise load targets with on-the-go weighing, which helps prevent over/under-loading and maximises efficiency. Automated tracking helps manage production and lower cost.

Available Optional Upgrades

Cat Grade with Advanced 2D and Cat Grade with 3D increase productivity and expand grading capabilities. Grade with Advanced 2D adds in-field design capabilities through an additional 10-inch (254mm) high-resolution touchscreen monitor. Grade with 3D adds GPS and GLONASS positioning for pinpoint accuracy.

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