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CAT® 315 &325 Compact Radius Excavator

Our new range of compact radius machines will let you take on more challenging projects in tight urban spaces; tasks that demand greater agility, stability, reach, lifting capacity and power.

CAT® 325

The new Cat 325 hydraulic excavator features a compact radius design, ideal for working in tight spaces. The 325 introduces many new features designed to improve versatility. Additionally, an optional blade is available from the factory, making cleaning jobs easier while acting as a stabiliser to improve lifting capability. The Cat C4.4 engine and new SMART mode reduces fuel consumption up to 25 per cent compared to the 325F.

High-Performance Digging And Lifting

The advanced hydraulic system of the Cat 325 excavator provides the optimum balance of power and efficiency while giving the operator complete control of excavating precision. Working on slopes is made easier with 10 per cent improved swing torque.

Smart mode offers an additional 5 per cent fuel savings without productivity loss by automatically adjusting engine speed and hydraulic power to digging conditions.

Cat Advansys™ bucket tips can be changed quickly with a simple lug wrench instead of a hammer or special tool, improving safety and uptime. The new excavator also features auxiliary hydraulic options for using a wide range of Cat attachments

Technology Drives Efficiency

Boost operating efficiency up to 45 per cent with standard Cat technologies that lower operator fatigue and operating  costs, including fuel consumption and daily maintenance. Program up to four target depth and slope offsets with standard Cat Grade with 2D to reach grade faster. Optional Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or 3D for working with complex site plans available.

Standard Grade Assist allows the operator to stay on grade simply and effortlessly with single-lever digging, while Bucket Assist automatically maintains the angle in sloping, levelling, fine grading, and trenching applications. If a Tilt bucket or Hitch is fitted, Tilt Assist takes care of automating bucket tilt to match design.

Innovative Swing Assist reduces effort and fuel consumption by automatically stopping excavator swing at predefined set points for truck loading and trenching, and Boom Assist keeps the tracks on the ground in lifting and hard digging applications.

Cat Payload technology delivers precise load targets with on-the-go weighing to prevent over/underloading and to maximise efficiency. The new Cat Productivity application allows companies to access information and production targets through data gathered by Payload, which can also be downloaded in cab to a USB stick.

Unparalleled Comfort And Safety

Cat 325 comes with the ISO-certified ROPS cab, Bluetooth® integrated radio as well as USB ports for charging and mobile phone connectivity. Standard rear and sideview cameras, windows, and lower front profile offer outstanding visibility to the work area, while an optional 360-degree visibility feature is also available. Lift Assist helps avoid tipping, with visual and auditory alerts when load is within the excavator’s safe working range limits.

Synchronised Maintenance Intervals

Cat 325 reduces maintenance costs by up to 20 per cent compared to the 325F due to extended and more synchronised maintenance intervals. All maintenance checkpoints are accessible at ground level, resulting in faster, easier, and safer daily maintenance checks. Operators can conveniently monitor filter life and maintenance intervals via the in-cab monitor.

Consolidated filter locations reduce service time while hydraulic, air, and fuel tank filters have increased capacity and longer life.

The new excavator also features an advanced air filter with double the dust- holding capacity of the previous filter.

CAT® 315

The new Cat 315 Next Gen excavator features a new powertrain, technology and simplified maintenance to boost performance, efficiency and productivity.

Built with a spacious new cab design, the new excavator delivers a more comfortable working environment than the 315F L models it replaces. The compact design gives operators the confidence to dig, swing and dump in space-restricted jobsites.

A host of standard technologies now available boosts productivity gains by up to 45 per cent compared to traditional grading, making it the most productive Cat excavator ever in the 15-tonne size class.

Performance Gains

The advanced hydraulic system of the 315 excavator provides the optimum balance of power and efficiency to increase productivity by up to 8 per cent over the 315F L. A 10 per cent higher swing torque makes working on slopes and around the jobsite much more efficient, and the drive system easily navigates tough ground conditions and slopes with 14 per cent more drawbar pull.

The powerful Cat C3.6 engine meets stringent Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards and smart mode operation automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions to conserve fuel in less demanding applications.

Expanded Technology, More Productive

Standard new technology includes Cat Grade with 2D system, and optional Grade with Advanced 2D or 3D. Grade with 2D automatically guides digging depth, slope and horizontal distance to quickly and accurately reach desired grade. Increasing safety when excavating in confined spaces, the new 2D E-fence keeps the front linkage within a predefined work area to avoid hazards on the jobsite as well as standard cab avoidance. Standard Cat Payload helps operators to achieve precise load targets and increase efficiency by providing on-the-go weighing and real-time estimates of the payload without swinging.

Simple and Comfortable Operation

The new cab is 13 per cent larger and offers 60 per cent greater vertical visibility to increase operating safety. Advanced viscous mounts significantly reduce excavator vibration feedback to the cab, while the tip-up left console allows ease of cab entry and exit. The new standard radio features USB ports and Bluetooth® connectivity for hands-free calls.

The 315 options include a larger, 10-in (254-mm) high-res touchscreen monitor for easy navigation. Joystick controls are ergonomically located while joystick settings and preferred power mode are quickly set to a specific user ID via the monitor.

Standard rear view and right-side cameras further improve visibility. The available 360-degree camera offers excellent visibility completely around the excavator in a single view. Improved cab sound suppression lowers interior noise levels to improve comfort.

Less Maintenance

Design changes lowers maintenance costs by up to 25 per cent compared to the 315F L. Change intervals for fuel filters are 500 operating hours, while the new hydraulic oil filter improves filtration and increases change intervals by 50 per cent to 3000 hours. New anti-drain valves keep the hydraulic oil clean during filter replacement to improve system longevity. The cab’s new air filter provides two-times longer cleaning interval as the previous model.

Filter life and maintenance intervals are tracked through the in-cab high-resolution monitor. Daily maintenance checkpoints are easily accessible from ground level, and two dipstick locations allow for ground- or top-level checking of the engine oil.

Operating simplicity is key to the design of this new machine. Operators can program and store joystick and power mode settings using an operator ID and navigate quickly and access the operator’s manual using

the high-resolution touchscreen monitor. The new excavator features a keyless push-button engine start, using operator ID codes to limit and track machine access.

Find out more about the Next Generation Cat Excavators at and contact your local Cat dealer.

NSW/ACT WesTrac 1300 881 064.

VIC/TAS William Adams 1300 923 267.

Western Australia WesTrac 1300 881 064.

QLD/NT Hastings Deering 131 228.

South Australia Cavpower (08) 8343 1600.

NZ TERRA 0800 93 39 39.

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