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CAT® 259D Compact Track Loader


You only have to look back to one of the undisputed middleweight boxing champions of all time “Marvelous Marvin Hagler” who for his size of 5’9 had a mindboggling 75” reach, which would allow him a technique and versatility that would destroy his opposition. The same can be said for the Cat 259D Compact Track Loader, with its magnificent extended reach and lift height for easy truck loading and a pile of other tasks. Marvin Hagler’s extended reach gave him the highest knockout percentage of all undisputed middle weight champions and I can see Caterpillar achieving similar successes with this heavy hitting, feature packed track loader that packs a punch well above its weight. Combine all this with the skills, service and experience from WesTrac, and you have a team that can bring down even the toughest competitors.

Words // Ian Edwards – Images // Jamie Gray

Like any standout performer, this track loader is no one-trick pony.

With a good half dozen key standout features on board, the Cat 259D isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to its spacious, comfortable cab, with advanced display, along with serious power and the versatility to not only tackle any job, but complete tasks ahead of time with accuracy, finesse and above all safety. When it comes time for maintenance and service access, the unmatched ground level service points make all routine checks and servicing a breeze.


Let’s just start by saying, the industry exclusive, one-piece, pressurised and sealed cab is a box well worth ticking because it provides a work environment that is significantly cleaner, quieter, safer and more comfortable than the traditional two-piece cab.

Especially when working in dusty or rocky environments or using attachments that could add risk to the operator.

It was a 44-degree day in the outer suburbs of Sydney on the first day we tested the 259D and the only place anybody wanted to be was inside the climate controlled cab, which was like an ice box! The air ride seat mounted with adjustable joystick controls makes this entire D-Series a true pioneer and industry leader in operator comfort and safety. Operators really will be falling over themselves to get into one of these track loaders.



Regardless of whether you are a single machine outfit or part of a much bigger operation, the power and efficiencies achieved by the high-performance power train and production capabilities through the Electronic Torque Management system is truly impressive.

The standard two speed travel is great and it hosts an industry exclusive electronic hand/foot throttle with decal pedal capability, which will improve your efficiency even further.

At the heart of this versatile workhorse is the turbo charged Cat C3.3B and high-performance power train, which provides all the torque and horse power you will need, as well as allowing partial throttle operation for lower sound levels and fuel consumption when required.

Perfect for developed residential areas, this machine is so quiet, you could sneak out past the boss’s office – he won’t hear you coming.


Some of the great technologies on board include the standard dual direction self-level and optional Cat “Intelligent Levelling” system (ILEV), which includes worktool return to dig and worktool positioner. All which improve efficiency and productivity, eliminating the need to manually set loading and grading parameters for any application.

If your work site is more like an advanced 4×4 track out the back of Bourke, the standard, fully independent torsion axle suspension combined with optional Speed Sensitive Ride Control systems will rise to the occasion, enabling better load retention, increased productivity and greater operator comfort. These systems will make the operator’s experience in the cab a lot more comfortable over the course of a full day.

When it comes to work tools the broad range of performance matched Cat Work Tools is the other half of the mix, which truly makes this Compact Loader one of the most unique and versatile performers on the work site.

Operators and companies with a number of varied job requirements are purchasing sometimes nine or 10 attachments to fulfil all their needs with a single machine. Saving them massive amounts of money and skyrocketing their productivity and efficiencies.



It’s easy to be all smiles and teeth whilst the sun is shining and all is running smoothly.

But it’s when things turn south that WesTrac and Caterpillar really come into their own.

When there is downtime, for scheduled maintenance or some unforeseen technical problem, you can be assured that the WesTrac Field Service team will be at your site – fast. With over 200 service vehicles on the road, they will work to get you back up and running, where and when you need them. It’s this kind of service that has helped Caterpillar and WesTrac rise to the levels it has over recent times. A great partnership and amazing all-round performer the 259D will not disappoint.



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