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Cat® 255 Compact Track Loader proves mettle


The first of the new generation of Cat® Compact Track Loaders was taken for a test run recently, and the results are in.

They say the proof is in the pudding. And if you’re in the earthmoving business, the proof is in putting a new machine through its paces.

Pride Earthmoving owner Craig Leech couldn’t hide his excitement when he was given the opportunity to test drive the new Cat® 255 Compact Track Loader, the first next generation model launched by Caterpillar®.

The new 255 comes with a host of improved features such as better engine capability, lift and tilt performance, stability, operator comfort and technology.

Based in Pakenham, Victoria, Pride has been providing top-notch earthmoving services for seven years, continuing to grow and serve clients in the construction and civil engineering industries.

Offering a range of services including site cuts, driveways, trenching, rock and soil cartage, basements, cut-to-fill, civil construction, site clean-up, and landscaping, Pride is committed to delivering high- quality services that meet and exceed the expectations of its clients.

Pride is focused on providing precise attention to detail, ensuring that every project is completed to perfection. For this reason, it is essential it only uses machines that perform at the highest levels.

Craig, who already has a Cat 259D3 in his fleet, was chosen to be the first Australian in the earthmoving sector to give the Cat 255 a trial spin.

Craig Leech and the new Cat 255, which replaces the highly popular 259D3.

“I thought the 259D3 was such a great machine and that it was going to be hard to improve on it,” he said.

“At first glance, it seemed all the functions and changes made on the 255 were quite significant, so I was very interested to see how well it performed.”

Indeed, improvements to the new compact loader are abundant, with a focus on three main criteria: more power, more performance and more comfort.

The Cat C2.8T engine delivers increased torque over a wider RPM range, giving a noticeable improvement in pushing performance.

From a performance perspective, lift and bucket breakout force have been amplified, meaning the dump height of the machine has been increased, along with stronger torque to the drive motors, enabling higher lifts and the ability to push and move more earth.

Within the cab lies an eight-inch touch screen monitor. The new dashboard and high-resolution touch display is easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly.

There’s more foot room, and more glass surrounding the enclosure along with an upgraded reverse camera, enabling clearer visibility all round.

As well, optional advanced joysticks enable users to drive the compact track loader with ease.

Craig’s verdict? A near perfect score in all departments.

“The Next Gen 255 is so refined in in absolutely every area,” he said. “The breakout force, comfort levels, visibility and technology are fantastic.

“Going uphill was when I really started to notice the performance. I really put it to the test and cranked the revs right up.

The new advanced joysticks provide integrated control of the advanced touchscreen monitor.

“And it was still climbing. The tracks were just spinning because I love to push the boundaries. I was grabbing a pile of dirt to see if it could still track up, and it did.”

Not a small guy in stature, Craig also felt right at home in the cab.

“I don’t feel confined, this loader has got a tonne of room, and together with the visibility improvements, it’s just a whole other level,” he said.

And Craig had no complaints about the new advanced joysticks, which provide integrated control of the advanced touchscreen monitor so all machine function control and adjustments can be made without the operator removing their hands from the controls.

“With these new joysticks, there’s no more having to use a combination of buttons to access your attachments and other functions,” he said.

“I was taking a phone call in there during the test, I didn’t have to take my hands off the controls, or turn the radio up and down.

“And that reverse camera. This is just so much clearer and sharper than previous versions. You don’t get any of that sun glare coming over the camera.”

A small improvement on the way buckets are attached has also made a big impression on Craig.

“I was trying out attaching and detaching the bucket,” Craig said.

“With older models, the system could get jammed up. Even though the machines work well, if there’s debris that you’re not cleaning out all the time, it could really get gummed up and you had to really chisel the dirt out.

“The 255 system is so much more simplified and we won’t have any of those sorts of problems. It’s one of my favourite features.”

It’s not just talk. Craig has been so impressed he was quick to make an order with Victorian Caterpillar dealer William Adams for his own 255.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on my own machine for the fleet,” he said.

Cat® dealers are currently taking both the 255 and the 265 track loaders around the country for demonstrations.

Contact your local Cat® dealer to find or more or arrange a test drive.  Cat® track

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The redesigned cab has 22 per cent increased space and the option of a ventilated seat. 


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