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CASE TR270 Compact Track Loader

CASE Construction Equipment has marked many significant milestones throughout its long and rich history, evolving over the years in concert with the construction industry, and in doing so positioning itself at the forefront of industry innovation and development.

Having celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2017, the manufacturer has the substantial luxury of being able to draw on its many years of cumulative experience as it sets about developing equipment built to deliver customers productivity and efficiency benefits, with it leveraging its strong understanding of the industry in bringing new products to market.

As we pulled up on site to see the brand new and shiny CASE TR270 compact track loader, ready to test I can tell Heath our machine operator was already chomping at the bit to climb into this awesome compact loader.

Within minutes he was flying around site with impressive speed and lifting some huge sections of cut down tree trunks I thought were going to be well beyond the capabilities of the machine. But the TR270 was more than up for the challenge and surprised a few people on site.

After Heath had a good few hours of fun in the loader we managed to pull him out and get some feedback on his experience. Heath shared, “It seems to me that CASE hasn’t tried to get fancy with this machine. Instead of over-complicating its design and controls they’ve gone the other way and produced easy-to-use controls and features. The simpler design makes for a more intuitive operating experience, which enabled me to get even more work done in a shorter time frame.”

After having a good chat with Luke Gibson, Account Manager at CASE, he gave us a great picture of what’s gone into the design of the machine to achieve its class-leading breakout force. “The arm design of the tilt cylinders allows you to pry up those large slabs of concrete or dig into really tough ground. Engineered from the ground up, CASE’s compact track loader line is sporting a range of features that combine to collectively deliver more power, comfort and control options, and also provide the versatility required to perform across a diverse range of applications. Among the line, CASE’s TR270 compact track loader is an adaptable workhouse capable of going the distance. “We like to characterise the machine as ‘small in size and weight but big in power and performance’.”

Decked Out To Deliver Across A Range Of Applications

Weighing in at 3.75 tonne (operating weight) with an overall width spanning 1.676m, the radial-lift TR270 is geared to tackle landscaping and tasks requiring a light footprint. It can be set to work across a range of infrastructure, urban, recycling and agriculture applications, with it providing operators digging, prying and pushing capabilities.

For me as a structural landscaper this is pretty much the perfect machine for me onsite. In either commercial applications or in my new business Impact Pools & Landscapes,” Heath said. “As well as the obvious power in the engine and hydraulics the cab also impressed with heaps of room and great visibility from within the cab.”

Enhancing job site productivity, an optional hydraulics attachment coupler provides fast attachment changeover allowing attachments to be exchanged quickly and safely without requiring the operator to leave the cab. With versatility a strong focus, the TR270 can be operated with a wide range of attachments, with it featuring different auxiliary hydraulic solutions to feed them. Two different auxiliary hydraulics packages are offered – Standard Flow and High Flow – while the TR270 is also equipped with a connect under pressure system allowing for plugging in hydraulic hoses with no wrenches.

A Small Unit Packed With Power

When it comes to power, the TR270 punches above its weight, designed to keep going and get the job done faster, delivering “more strength to lift, move and simply do more per day”. An FPT engine delivers gross power of 55kW with peak torque of 275Nm, while a 75.5 litre fuel tank provides the capacity to keep the TR270 running throughout the day. The TR270 has a rated operating capacity of 1.225 tonne at 50 per cent and 859kg at 35 per cent with operators having the option of adding bolt-on counterweights to the rear sides of the machine, allowing for more material to be moved quickly.

CASE states that the TR270’s case cylinder and chassis design provides maximised pushing power with the cylinder geometry optimising push and pull power, while the bucket support baring directly on the chassis further adds to the pushing power, with lift cylinder breakout force of 27kN and bucket cylinder breakout force of 32.3kN. The power stance chassis rides on a longer wheelbase designed to deliver greater stability and comfort, along with providing increased lifting capabilities.

Meanwhile, the TR270’s simple and robust undercarriage has been designed to go the distance ensuring long-lasting operation and providing stability when it counts, with it having been engineered to hold fast on steep slopes and to effectively deal with muddy or sandy terrains.

Staying In Control

Control is obviously a massive decider for operators looking into different machines, so we quizzed Heath on his thoughts in this area, “The TR270’s EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) controls and software allows operators to quickly change between nine pre-sets for speed and control customisation and all controls are within easy reach. Operators can choose among the TR270’s mechanical hand drive levers or mechanical foot drive pedals, or can opt for electro-hydraulic controls, with the capability to adjust control speed and sensitivity, and the option to choose between ISO and H-pattern controls. The TR270 also offers standard proportional control of auxiliary hydraulics with a detent for smooth and precise attachment control, along with more legroom, more space between the control levers and easy access to the seat.”

Operator Comfort And Visibility

A wider cab entrance and low threshold, along with convenient grab handles, are designed to make accessing the TR270’s cab easy and safe, while the cab, which measures in at nearly 3 ft wide, is fully sealed and pressurised against noise, dirt and fumes. CASE states that the cab-forward design of the TR270 delivers “best-in-class visibility with sight lines to bucket edges, curb lines and rearward”. A wider glazed surface is designed to provide for safer operations, with ultra-narrow wire side screens, the lowered threshold and thinner front pillars all contributing to assisting visibility.

Convenient Maintenance For Busy Operators

The TR270’s built-in serviceability features include a removable side panel, along with loader lock devices and hydraulic pressure release valves, assisting in contributing to minimised maintenance time and maximised productivity, while all of its routine service points are conveniently located at the rear of the machine, which allows for quick access to the engine, filters and fill points. Meanwhile, the undercarriage’s rigid-track frame features fewer moving parts, having been designed to provide greater durability and easier maintenance than suspension track systems, with CASE stating that the technology on its rollers and idlers reduces maintenance costs and increases undercarriage life.

We were very pleased to see Heath’s enthusiasm for the CASE TR270 Compact Track Loader after his time in the machine – an experience many other operators will no doubt share!

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