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Constant innovation and performance enhancements ensure CASE customers have industry leading technology.

In 2017, Case celebrates its 175th year in the construction equipment industry. The company’s long history and reputation in this competitive market is based on taking customers’ needs seriously – so seriously, in fact, that they invite equipment users to participate in defining and improving new products. Case call this the Customer-Driven Product Definition (CDPD) process.

Involving Case and competitive customers in CDPD projects helps Case better understand their needs. These customers work with Case to develop and test new models that respond to those needs. The process results in construction machines that not only deliver great performance and efficiency, but also meet the identified needs of the operators who use the equipment.

Performance and efficiency of the Case Compact Track Loader (CTL) range starts from the ground up. Unlike other CTLs with light duty carriage frames and independent drive motors, the new Case features a dozer-style undercarriage, engineered to hold on steep slopes and take command of muddy and sandy terrain. The undercarriage has the widest wheelbase in the industry, with a low centre of gravity, giving it excellent stability.



The rigid track frame has fewer moving parts giving the machine greater durability and ease of maintenance. Coupled with an elevated drive sprocket, reducing debris damage, and simple hydraulic track tension adjustments, these features increase the life of the track and undercarriage.

Other performance enhancements across the Case CTL range that offer better productivity include top-rated bucket breakout force coupled with the standard self-levelling bucket, higher bucket roll back (which reduces material drop when travelling) and increased dump angle providing faster cycle times. This is where Case’s CDPD process improves even the simplest of operations when compared to the competition.

The Case CTL range comes standard with operator comfort features that are superior to many other competitor machines. Starting with the cabin layout, rather than deliver conditioned air from a single point near the operator’s knee the Case CTL delivers conditioned air all around the operator – from both sides, and from behind.

Superior worksite vision from within the cabin, coupled with adjustable hand controls and a vertical panel of gauges, switches and instruments enables operator efficiency with less distraction, whilst giving them more visual capability in tight working areas. All enclosed cabin CTL models offer an air seat option as standard. These key features demonstrate Case’s commitment to operator comfort.

Operator-friendly machine design enables quicker, regular maintenance because ground level service check points are all grouped together. Access to key points such as fuel and oil filters, battery and the hydraulic tank make regular maintenance more efficient compared to other competitors, resulting in a reduction of lost production time between scheduled services. The flip top cab is safer and easier for maintenance and service.

Case Compact Track Loaders have leading features throughout ensuring performance, efficiency, operator comfort and ease of maintenance. The large range of products Case has on offer ensures that customers have a good chance of getting the right machine for their application.

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