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Carmix: Smart supply solutions

A CARMIX 4x4 self-loading mixer

Carmix’s self-loading 4×4 mixer units provide concrete solutions for remote sites and difficult-to-access locations.

In Australia, contractors and developers are often faced with the logistical challenge of supplying concrete for remote projects.

These can include:

  •  Remote community housing in Central Australia, Northern Territory, or Western Australia
  •  Mine sites requiring small volume concrete works
  •  Roadworks in rural areas requiring stabilised sand backfilling or drainage
  •  Island batching of concrete
  •  Steep incline access for telecommunications towers, ski and mountain projects
  •  Small wind farm base pours in remote or rugged regions.

Concrete supply on projects such as these has always been a challenge, and can often add significant cost. With the recent demand for infrastructure, this has seen long-distance concrete delivery prices soar.

A CARMIX 4x4 self-loading mixer
Carmix self-loading batching units provide the ideal solution for supplying concrete to remote projects.

Based on more than 40 years of experience in concrete machinery, Carmix’s Italian-built self-loading batching units are designed to address many of these problems.

These self-contained batching plants allow operators to load aggregates and cement directly into the drum from the hopper, and add water with an onboard pump. This is all controlled and monitored in the cabin via the load cell display. Slump can be monitored by the Pro Mix option, and a printout can be generated on completion to register the batch.

The combination of simplicity and accuracy makes the Carmix units perfect for remote regions where time and delays waiting for concrete can cost big money.

With support from both Carmix and Australian agent Pilecom Equipment – including guidance for first-time users, contractors can be confident that their investment will help them safely and economically batch good quality concrete
on site.

The Carmix 3.5TT (3m3) and 5.5XL (5m3) are the best-selling models, and are currently in stock through Carmix and Pilecom.

With the correct site set-up and material supply, a single Carmix 5.5XL can produce up to 60m3 per day, and the 3.5TT is capable of up to 30m3 per day.


Carmix is now the number one supplier of self-loading concrete mixers in Australia. With branches in Somersby, New South Wales, and Perth, WA, stock is placed in the highest demand locations.

Carmix has also recently broadened its range to include:

  •  The 3-tonne Carmix Bagger – a cement hopper for 1-tonne bulk bag cement dispensing
  •  The 52-tonne (36m3) Carmix Carsilo – a horizontal cement silo for larger daily pours and savings on bulk cement delivery.

These together represent a great equipment package to which customers can add their aggregates and water supply.

All up, Carmix offers six models of loader mixers, four models of silo – both horizontal silos and conical hoppers, as well as a T15 compact trailer pump (15m3 per hour).

Various options are available depending on customer needs, and provided in line with various Australian safety requirements.


Due to the nature of the equipment, Pilecom offers rentals on a case-by-case basis depending on location and overall project duration.


Pilecom Equipment has developed a support system that covers:

  •  Recommended spare parts
  •  Maintenance guidance and training
  •  Unit cleaning suggestions (with options for safe chemical cleaning and prevention of buildup)
  •  Support to RTOs for operator VOC certification
  •  Supply of slump testing equipment and training
  •  Assistance with mix designs

An investment in Carmix is an investment in your improved delivery and potential to carry out projects that have concrete supply and delivery issues.

Carmix Australia is committed not just to selling quality self-loading mixer dumpers, but partnering with customers to help ensure complete control of their concrete and equipment needs.

For more information, visit:, email, or contact Boyd Cousins on 0400 365 575.

Pilecom will also be exhibiting at DD&T 2023 at Stand U9.

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