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Carmix: Mixing on the move

Carmix provides versatile solutions for concrete-related applications in remote, isolated, and hard-to-reach areas. Discover how these expertly crafted Italian machines can enhance efficiency on your project.

Carmix has carved a niche as a premier supplier of specialised equipment in the concrete sector for 50 years. Renowned for their Italian heritage and craftsmanship, the brand is synonymous with pioneering solutions tailored to overcome concrete-related hurdles in remote and inaccessible areas.

With more than two decades of expertise in supplying specialised machinery across various sectors, Pilecom Equipment has held the status of the sole distributor for Carmix in Australia since 2018. Since assuming this role, the company has engineered customised solutions for numerous projects with complex logistical requirements.

Boyd Cousins, Managing Director and Shareholder of Pilecom Equipment, describes some recent highlights for Carmix equipment in and around Australia.

“We currently have two of our large 5.5XL models working with a 45-tonne horizontal cement silo, which is batching 60 cubic meters per day for a large solar farm near Mudgee in New South Wales,” he says.

“We have also seen units transporting concrete down an extremely steep state forest track in St. Ives, and transporting more than 85 cubic metres of concrete up 1.5km of very steep hill in Karratha for a new meteorology station.”

As well as providing concrete solutions to various site in WA and the NT, Carmix units have also been in operation batching kerb concrete on Tiwi Island – and Boyd says Pilecom is also now sending units to Papua New Guinea.

“Using Carmix units as a transit mixer is also a big area of opportunity,” Boyd says. “Contractors can offer state and telco operators an alternative means to move concrete – and much cheaper than using helicopters and multiple pump lines.”

Carmix equipment is well suited to remote and rough terrain. Image: Pilecom

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“Pilecom Equipment is proud of our operations and construction division that possesses and operates Carmix machinery,” Boyd says. “This empowers us to propose an exhaustive commissioning and handover scheme that incorporates training for the operators and maintenance crews of our clientele.

“Providing the right training is very important. We even currently have training managers out from Carmix’s Italian factory to offer more in-depth levels of training to our customers.”

This unwavering commitment to addressing the entire spectrum of cement handling for clients is encapsulated by Pilecom Equipment’s ethos: “We don’t just sell equipment – we sell a concrete solution.”

Carmix’s line-up includes six rough terrain 4×4 models, with capacities ranging from the compact 1-cubic-metre Carmix One to the sizable Carmix 5.5XL. Each is meticulously crafted to satisfy specific concrete mix demands.

This range is complemented by three cement handling devices, from a 3-tonne bulk bag hopper to a 45-tonne horizontal silo, accommodating daily production volumes between 10 and 100 cubic metres.

Securing and supplying units that align with the necessities of Australian contractors is an endeavour that Boyd approaches with vigour. He says that predicting client needs is fundamental.

“Readiness of stock is crucial,” he says. “But aligning the right unit with the designated project is the real challenge.”

Carmix has been a leading provider of specialised concrete machinery for 50 years. Image: Pilecom

Boyd points out that self-mixing concrete also brings the task of managing cement supplies to the forefront. To cater to this, Pilecom Equipment offers a variety of self-loading options:

  • 20kg bags
  • 1000kg bulk bags
  • Bulk tanker cement weighing 25/28 tonnes.
  • “In managing our inventory levels, we also take into account our clients’ need for cement handling solutions,” Boyd adds.
  • To this end, Pilecom Equipment maintains a stock of:
  • Carmix Bagger – a 3-tonne bulker bagger screw feed hoppers equipped with a Honda Engine, negating the need for a generator
  • Carmix Silo HC46 – a 50-tonne horizontal silo featuring load cells and telescopic

For further information, visit, or contact via email at, or contact Boyd Cousins directly on 0400 365 575.


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