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Carmix: Concrete any place, any time

Carmix offers the perfect solution for concrete on remote sites and difficult to access locations, writes Pilecom Director Boyd Cousins.

Recent growth in the telecommunications and powerline market sectors has resulted in many projects requiring concrete taken up very steep inclines, or along difficult to access gravel roads.

This demand for difficult access concrete has been amplified by the 2022-23 floods, which has seen numerous requests from councils and contractors for remote transit of commercial concrete or on-site mixing.

Carmix 4×4 self-loading concrete mixers can offer a solution. With our various models, we can offer a solution for large and small concrete pours. Units can also be optimised with features to suit customer needs or client specifications.

Boyd Cousins and Simone Bascelli from Carmix Italy stand in front of a Carmix mixer at the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo.
Boyd Cousins (left) with Simone Bascelli from Carmix Italy at April’s Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo.

Robust solutions, robust support

Based in Italy, Carmix has been manufacturing concrete mixers for almost 50 years, and has sold units in more than 50 countries.

In Australia, there are still Carmix units in operation in Queensland and the Northern Territory that were sold almost 25 years ago.

While Pilecom Equipment has only dealt Carmix since 2018, we have been involved with selling piling and specialist Geotech equipment for more than 20 years. We are therefore well placed to offer solid mechanical and instructional assistance for our products to customers.

We understand that solving the logistical challenges of remote concrete mixing also requires open discussions with customers to ensure the most workable and economic solution. We also understand that new customers may be nervous or apprehensive about mixing or managing their own concrete supply for the first time.

This is why working with an experienced supplier like Carmix and an experienced dealer like Pilecom Equipment makes sense. Together, we can offer guidance, structure, and peace of mind for those investing in Carmix products.

In Italy, Carmix runs its own academy for this purpose called School of Concrete – and Pilecom Equipment is looking to employ a similar approach locally in the future.

A Carmix 5.5 XL
The 5.5 XL is Carmix’s largest off-road mobile batching unit.

Self-loading mixer VS transit mixer

What separates a self-loading mixer from a transit mixer? With Carmix, it doesn’t matter – our units can work as both.

Pilecom Equipment is currently importing Carmix units with the front shovel attachment, which allows to choose either self-mix or transit mix with the same unit. In most cases, we also pre-fit either load cells or shovel weight systems to enable quality batching.

The superior design of our large shovel and hydraulic gate allows this shovel to be used as the hopper – should commercial mixer concrete be required.

This commercial mixer concrete can either be fed from a stationary overhead batch plant or transferred from an agitator truck by pump or elevated chute.

Our shovel/hopper system also allows for easier, safer, and more practical wash down of the hopper area on completion of discharge.

Currently in stock with Pilecom Equipment

Carmix units currently available include:

  •  Carmix 3.5 TT – a 7.4t front-loading mixer with a 3.5m3 drum
  •  Carmix 5.5 XL – an 8.7t front-loading mixer with a 5.5m3 drum
  •  Carmix One – ideal for the small self-batching user, with a 1m3 drum
  •  Carmix Bagger – a 3t cement bulk bag with a screw feed and a Honda engine
  •  Carmix Carsilo 36 – a 50t horizontal silo with screw-down legs and load cells.

These products can be used individually or paired up according to daily concrete needs.

With the tunnelling works currently in progress throughout Australia’s major cities, customers can also take advantage of Carmix’s bidirectional steering models:

  •  Carmix 45 FX – a 7t self-loading mixer
  •  Carmix Dumper D6 – a 10t dumper.

These bidirectional units can prove invaluable on projects demanding narrow access.

Longer duration rentals of tunnel spec units are available upon request.

For more on the Carmix range, contact Boyd Cousins at, 0400 365 575, or visit:


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