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Cappellotto: At the forefront of hydro excavation


Since its inception over 12 years ago, KOR Equipment Solutions has been at the forefront of hydro excavation vacuum and drain cleaning, with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions through distributing Cappellotto equipment.

KOR is the exclusive distributor of Cappellotto in Australia and New Zealand, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vacuum and combination of jetting and vacuum trucks.

Hydro excavation (often referred to in sections of the industry as non-destructive digging or NDD) is an increasingly adopted excavation technique, utilised for maintenance, installations, and repairs across construction, civil engineering, and utility sectors.

Cappellotto equipment employs a blend of highly pressurised water and vacuum technology to precisely excavate soil, revealing underground assets such as gas lines, water pipes, cables, and other utilities, minimising the risk of causing harm or disruption to critical assets.

Its applications extend to potholing, cable trenching, stormwater pit cleaning, removal of street waste/mud, and handling demolition materials and clean-ups.

The hydro excavation approach is gaining popularity with many corporations and councils for its efficiency, accuracy, and environmental benefits. The fact that excavation can be conducted near existing above-ground structures makes it a preferred choice.
There are clear benefits of using hydro excavation over traditional digging methods, including:
• Safest excavation method, minimising the potential of damaging underground assets, reducing the likelihood of costly delays
• Reduced environmental impact through minimal surface disruption, meaning less mess and the need for clean-up
• Removal of soil, mud, and debris from the area, allowing on-site work to continue faster with less downtime
• Identification of the location of underground utilities, reducing interruptions during the excavation process
• Higher productivity, eliminating time spent repairing damages, less mess, and faster clean-up time, keeping costs low

Cappellotto’s hydro excavation equipment, known for its enhanced productivity, world-class quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovative design, stands out as the preferred choice in the industry.

Customers investing in this equipment experience increased performance, enhanced efficiency, and superior effectiveness, aligning seamlessly with KOR’s philosophy of Keeping Operations Running.

Inside the South Dandenong hub. Image: KOR

KOR sets the industry standard with its commitment to excellence, anchored by the Operations and Engineering Centre situated in Dandenong South, Victoria.

This hub serves as a focal point for major service and repairs, second-hand unit refurbishment, spare parts availability, and engineering prowess.

Complementing this, branch offices and mobile service vans are strategically located across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring a comprehensive national capability further supported by specialised service agents.

Adding to the array of customer-centric services, KOR offers convenient solutions such as mobile service vans, fleet optimisation, and flexible leasing options. Moreover, the company places a strong emphasis on safety and proficiency, providing interactive product training and equipment operation certification accredited by INTO Training, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

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