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Can you recommend a good training MOB?

I get asked this question often and what I generally respond with is, do your homework and find a provider who’s close to where you live. But sometimes people don’t have time to do the research, and sometimes there isn’t a provider in their area.

Well, don’t stress because this is your lucky day. I’m going to give you the good oil on the Hunter Valley-based operator training provider TRECK Industries.

TRECK Industries assists the civil, waste, quarrying and mining industries across Australia, meaning they can come to you. They specialise in customising plant training and assessment, operator training, up-skilling and machine familiarisation needs.

TRECK was founded by Ben (Swifty) and Debbie Swift in 2017, after identifying a gap in the market for not only training operators to obtain a qualification, but the need for trainees to gain a deeper understanding of the machine they’re learning, as well as the industry they are trying to enter. I don’t think I’d be talking out of school by saying that Debbie is the brains of the show. Swifty just does what he’s told!

Swifty brings a truck load of passion to his training though. He also brings 40 years of operating experience across a range of equipment over various applications, such as civil construction, agriculture, quarrying and mining.

His operating career started early in life, ripping around on his dad’s front-end loader, helping out with the family bulk fertilising business across New South Wales. He was a Certified Dealer Instructor at WesTrac CAT, before becoming Operations Manager at the Hunter Plant Operators Training School (HPOTS). He’s also currently an operator trainer/demonstrator for Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia.

Not only do TRECK Industries train and deliver nationally recognised RII qualifications on plant equipment, they also offer alternative training/services as well, like up-skilling, application training, machine/ manufacturer specific training and verification of competencies (VOC) on most earthmoving equipment.

They recognise the constant shift with modern machinery and technology, and the TRECK Industry crew are constantly researching the bits of iron hitting the market in the industries that they support, to ensure they’re delivering quality training time and time again.

Want to learn about TRECK Industries? Hit up their website at or give them a call on 0456 000 968.

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