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Camden Hire updates its Takeuchi mini excavator fleet

Takeuchi TB215R mini excavators are ideal for the rental market.

Camden Hire has taken delivery of six new Takeuchi TB215R mini excavators to update its fleet. Owner Mark Scarce said, “All our Takeuchi equipment has performed extremely well in terms of satisfying customers’ demands and delivering the return on investment we need. The time has come to upgrade the mini-excavator fleet to ensure the latest machines and technology are available for our valued customers.”

Small excavators like Takeuchi’s
TB215R have become a popular hire item: affordable, convenient, and easy to use.

Customer service

Camden Hire is a family owned business which has been servicing the needs of the do-it-yourself enthusiasts and contractors across the Greater Sydney area for over 35 years. The business offers a huge range of tools, vehicles and equipment, backed by knowledgeable staff totally focused on customer service.

“Our business has grown through a commitment by our excellent team to always deliver genuine helpful service and taking the extra steps to meet customers’ expectations,” explained Scarce. “We now have five locations throughout Sydney’s southwest and employ over 100 people.

“While we mainly operate in the southwest of Sydney, we have clients all across the region, from the Northern Beaches, Blue Mountains, South Coast, Hills District and the Southern Highlands. The majority of our customers are property owners looking for a machine which will give them power needed for landscaping work and small building projects. We also hire equipment to professional contractors who need a small excavator for accessing tight sites, or in times of increased workload.”

Tony Bautovich of Semco (left)
with Camden Hire’s Mark Scarce.

Powerful, affordable and convenient

“Another benefit for people who hire the Takeuchi mini excavators is the convenience of being able to tow them on a trailer, making them easy to pick up and move without the need of a truck,” outlined Scarce. “Also, with building sites becoming ever smaller and access often a challenge for larger machines, these small excavators have become a popular hire item. They are affordable, convenient, and easy to use.”

“Everyone has limited time these days, so getting the job done quickly is a major appeal. These small but powerful excavators can certainly do that.”

Semco Equipment Sales has supplied the six excavators, with Semco CEO Satch Santilli saying the Takeuchi TB215R 1.5 tonne excavators are ideal for the rental market.

“This model features minimum tail swing to provide great versatility by allowing the machine to work in highly confined applications,” he pointed out. “The engine is powerful and efficient, while meeting the latest emission standards. Equipment supplied as standard includes a multi-informational display, automatic travel shift, pilot operated joystick controls, a high-capacity cooling system, and convenient filter and service access.”

Loading Camden Hire’s TB215R excavators at Semco.

Reliability a major feature

“People hiring these machines have no problems. Takeuchi equipment is well engineered to take the toughest treatment and the TB215R excavator is ideal for this environment,” said Mark.

“Customers have always been satisfied with the Takeuichi excavators in terms of the amount of power, digging depth, ease of controls and the super-reliable hydraulics. We rent the Takeuchi machines with the standard set of buckets, but sometimes people want small hammers, boring heads or other attachments.

“We normally turn over our excavators at between 2500 and 3000 hours of operation, which normally occurs at about four to five years of age. We’re also happy with the resale value of the old machines when the time comes to retire them, so this is all part of our whole-of-life costing which works out well for us.

“Takeuchi equipment ticks all the boxes required for a successful hire business – performance, durability, serviceability and operator comfort,” Mark added.

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