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C.R.Kennedy : Machine Control Solutions

In our continuing series focusing on machine control technologies, we are now going to turn our attention to C.R. Kennedy’s range of Leica Geosystems grader solutions, designed to speed up operations across a range of applications.

Leica’s 2D and 3D grader solutions provide the tools required to get the job done faster and deliver an enhanced level of control, helping operators to concentrate on the ask at hand and harness the full potential of their machine.

The benefits are ongoing, with a variety of functions enabling efficient and flexible utilisation (or use) of machines and helping operators to confidently tackle a range of projects.

Grader Solution

When using your grader for anything from pavement preparation to grading side slopes, Leica’s machine control solutions are at your service. With an easy-to-use, easyto- learn interface, your operators will work directly from 3D CAD design models right inside the cab. Real-time cut and fill information means fewer passes, less rework and no surveyor needed to check grade. When you’re done, swap your components to another machine or put them away for safety.

The Leica iCON iGG2 2D solution for graders is the perfect entry point for those looking to get into machine control. Get right to grade the first time.

The Leica iCON iGG3 and iGG4 deliver better insight into your job, allowing operators to work from the digital design surfaces and alignments right inside the cab. The perfect solutions for all fine-grading applications.

Grader 2D Solution

Leica iCON iGG2

The Leica iCON grade solutions for graders offer new site preparation possibilities. The system regulates the elevation and cross slope by means of robust and high-tech sensors, and helps you improve your productivity as well as save material costs.

Key Features

• Easy-to-use graphical display – the same panel is used on your dozer and grader, giving you the ultimate in equipment flexibility

• Short learning curve thanks to intuitive software

• The wireless cradle makes it easy to place and remove the panel from the cabin

Grader 3D Solution

Leica iCON iGG3/iGG4: Efficient and flexible solution

The single or dual GNSS solutions for guided or automatic machine control for graders give the operator a huge range of configurations to fulfil any need.

Let operators utilise the true potential of their machines for a wider range of applications, by moving materials any way they want. Operators can now finish jobs faster, with drastically reduced wait time and complete more tasks with their grader than ever before.

Leica iCON iGG3

Optimise material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract with the iGG3.

Bring the design surfaces and alignments virtually in the cab – breaking you free from stakes or hubs. The most efficient and flexible solution for complete automatic grader control, the iGG3 delivers millimetreaccurate control of the blade, which is ideal for all fine-grading applications.

Key Features

• Auto/Manual information directly on the screen

• Fully customisable 3D views of your machine and jobsite

• Design and actual slope always displayed

• Multiple run screens to choose from

Leica iCON iGG4

The iGG4 machine control solution for graders automatically controls the blade while you focus on putting the machine in the optimal position. It controls both ends of the blade for you so you can focus on manoeuvring your machine and increase your awareness of the environment and hazards around you, rather than staring at the blade.

Benefits of iGG4

• Auto/manual information directly on screen

• User definable views (e.g. Plan View, Cut & Fill View)

• Visible display screen, even in sunlight

• Expand your system simply by adding components

• Use your machine in any shape and on any surface

C.R. Kennedy would love to hear from you to discuss how our range of Leica machine control solutions can benefit your next project – please visit our website earthmoving for further product information and contact details for each of our state offices.

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